Friday, 25 November 2011

Just a Spoonful of Ice Cream!

Ben has never really had to take any medicine. In his first two years he has probably had Calpol or Nurofen less than five times so when it came to having to give him an antibiotic recently we had an all out refusal and lots of tears and struggles. It is a scary prospect when you can see your child is ill and know that there is no way they will keep down the medicine they so badly need to get better.

I think the first problem was with the actual antibiotic Ben was prescribed. It was possibly the bitterest, most foul tasting medicine I have ever tasted so I'm not surprised Ben immediately spat it out. Thankfully we got it changed for a different one which was a lot better tasting but there was still no way he would take it via a spoon or syringe. Mixing it through yogurt or a drink was a no go too. I was starting to think this was an impossible task. That was until I had the idea to mix it though ice cream. He loved it and even told me it was "dee-licious!" and asked me to "grab more" when he was finished.

Mary Poppins is right - just a spoonful of sugar (well, ice cream) helps the medicine go down! Only problem now is he has gotten used to ice cream for breakfast...



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