Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Everything Is a Rocket!

"Five, Four, Three, Two, One FAST OFF!!!" These days Ben turns anything and everything into a rocket ship from his toast in the morning, colouring pencils, Coco the chihuahua's bone to his ice cream cones while we were on holidays - any random object can go 'fast off'! (I do tell him it's 'blast off' but so far 'fast off' has stuck which I have to say I find really rather cute.) This is of course always followed by a series of swishing sounds and other impressive rocket noises as he launches his selected object up into the air on it's way to the moon. It cracks me up, I love his imagination and the way he can turn anything into a rocket which is easily recognisable to young and old by his sound effects and actions.

Rocket Pencils

Rocket Ice cream
It makes me question at what point do we lose that very exciting, fun view of the world? When does our imagination get replaced or perhaps more accurately, suppressed by all things serious and logical where everything has to make sense all the time and there is very little space for fun and silliness. I guess you don't notice it at the time but in most cases growing up and taking on the responsibilities of adulthood means losing that ability to see the world in such a special way. Right now though, thanks to my little man I'm getting a wonderful chance to see the world through his eyes and it truly is a magical place - thanks Ben!


JenniferJain said...

Lovely post. My son is just the same, I love watching it! I think that he has watched too much Button Moon though!

Mummy's Space said...

Thank you! I think Ben's obsession may be due to Mickey Mouse's Space Adventures - since he watched it the rocket impressions started :).

Older Mum said...

Loved this post. Zoom zoom zoom were're going to the moon .... fast off! 

actuallymummy said...

LOL! Everything here is a gun, which is slightly more disconcerting!

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