Friday, 7 October 2011

Spiders, Conkers and Practical Jokes

Late last night before I went to bed I found a spider scurrying across the lounge floor so I grabbed the first thing which came to hand, a silver tankard, to trap the little bugger under. He was fast and shot out under the edge as I popped the cup over him so I think he lost a few legs. Well I know for a fact he did as I can see a couple of limbs on the floor - eeeeww! Now the last time I trapped a spider (in the middle of the lounge floor) for my husband to remove he didn't see it in the morning so I wasn't going to make the same mistake this time. I left a note on the table and another next to the cup.

Surprisingly this is the first spider I've seen in a few weeks since Ben gathered a bucket full of conkers which we left in the lounge as I had read on Cotswolds Family Life's blog that spiders are afraid of the smell of them. My husband found this amusing. He came across a few articles which said this information was well, bonkers - here's one of them from yesterday's metro.

In an effort to test it I took the conkers out of the lounge last night and well hey presto, spider appears!

So I'm sure everyone is wondering if my brave husband disposed of the spider for me this time. Well this is what I found...

Thanks Chris for making me laugh so much this morning - brilliant, but you do know I will be seeking revenge. Bring on the practical jokes!


Michelle said...

lol! Love it :) I have read posts that dispel the claim that conkers keep spiders out, but if there is something to it, I would rather use them than not :)

Mummy's Space said...

I'm with you on that - I totally believe the conkers work - they're definitely going back in the lounge now :)

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