Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A Simple Pleasure Rediscovered

Last Sunday was the first time since before Ben was born that I hooked myself up to my iPhone earphones and listened to my music whilst out walking with my sleeping toddler. This might sound insignificant to most but to me it was a memorable moment. It suddenly dawned on me that I had forgotten how much I loved doing this.

Pre-Ben I was one of those people always wired up to an iPod when commuting and walking everywhere and anywhere, blocking out the hustle and bustle around and escaping into my tunes. I guess when Ben was born I just stopped, afraid it was neglectful to have my hearing disrupted by the music flowing through my earphones. Silly I know, especially as Ben has a parent facing stroller and I can keep an eye on him at all times. I am so glad I have rediscovered this simple little pleasure - there is something really nice about listening to music while out walking and I love it!


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