Saturday, 1 October 2011

Roaring with Raa Raa at Chessington World of Adventures Resort

Today we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to go along to Chessington World of Adventures Resort to review the Raa Raa the Noisy Little Lion Live Show. Anytime Ben watches Raa Raa on CBeebies he loves roaring along with Raa Raa so I had a feeling the chance to see the noisy little lion live would be a big hit with him and I wasn't wrong.

As soon as we walked into the Explorers’ Outpost in Wild Asia where the show was taking place and Ben saw the stage set he said "Mama, find Raa Raa!", he was definitely ready to go on a jungle adventure. The set is really good, it looks just like the Jingly Jangly Jungle from the television programme so it is instantly recognisable.  Also the narration by Lorraine Kelly and music from the show ensures that it is familiar to little ones who watch Raa Raa. The seating consists of a floor area in the center where parents can sit with their children which I thought was great as lots of little kids like Ben could stand up and join in with the stomping and so on during the show. There was also chairs available around the back.
"Mama, find Raa Raa!"
The show opened with Kirsty, a very energetic Chessington zoo keeper who welcomed us all to the Jingly Jangly Jungle. I must say did a great job of interacting with the audience and keeping the little kids engaged. Ooo Ooo, the mischevious little monkey who was definitely up to his tricks today and Raa Raa were soon to join her on stage to much delight of all the children. Raa Raa and Ooo Ooo's costumes were fantastic and exactly like the television characters. During the show we had to guess what type of animal was represented by a number of different shaped and patterned bananas. We then learnt what each group of them was called. I have to admit I came away a little bit wiser and now know a group of zebras is a dazzle and a group of giraffes is a tower. The audience got to join in pretending to be elephants and snappy crocodiles which the little ones loved.

This banana represents a giraffe like Topsy
... and this one a crocodile like Crocky
The show lasted around twenty minutes which was just the right length for the children there in my opinion. The one thing I have to say is it was very warm in the Explorer's Outpost which is a tent but I guess today was an exceptionally hot day (a massive 28 degrees) so it may not be so bad on normal days. It was evident by the reactions of all the little ones including Ben that they really enjoyed the show. There was lots of chanting "Raa Raa" along with some clapping and laughter.

The Live Show which opened for the first time on the 19th of September runs until the 9th of October and takes place three times during the day at 11am, 1pm and 3pm. Meet and Greets are held at 12pm, 2 pm and 4pm where you can meet Raa Raa and Ooo Ooo. The great thing is entry to the show is included in the price of a Chessington World of Adventures Resort entrance ticket so you can explore the nine themed lands, a Zoo with over a thousand animals, sea life centre. If you want to make a short break out of your visit to Chessington World of Adventure there is an on site safari-themed hotel which to me sounds like a lot of fun for both young and old! Tickets for the park can be booked here and there are various offers available which include one adult and one toddler for £13.50.

I can highly recommend going along and seeing the Raa Raa Live Show if you have any little Raa Raa fans, they will thoroughly enjoy it as will you watching their reaction to it. One warning though you may end up singing "Raa Raa! You are! A noisy little lion! Raa Raa! You are! Louder than, them all!...." for some time after it - I know I am!

* Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. We received three free tickets for Chessington World of Adventure but this has in no way biased my opinion - we really enjoyed the show!


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