Saturday, 3 September 2011

Someone very special shares his birthday with me on 16th September

It is of course Postman Pat who turns 30 this year! To mark this special day a limited edition ‘Happy Birthday Postman Pat’ DVD will be available from 12th September from various retailers including Amazon, Tesco Entertainment and and is available to pre-order now.

Ben is a massive fan of both Postman Pat and the newer version of the series, Postman Pat Special Delivery Service (SDS) which is broadcast on CBeebies in the UK and sees Pat as the 'Head of the Special Delivery Service’ in the bustling new market town of Pencaster so I was delighted when we got sent this for review as I knew he would love it and I wasn't wrong! He got so excited when he saw Pat and Jess he shouted "Hurray Pat! Hurray Jess!" (saying "Hurray" for things he likes is his thing of the moment). He was in his element watching the DVD which includes includes eight special episodes with more than three hours of fun. But the big bonus is a free limited edition party CD comes with it. Ben loves to dance around the house to music so this was a big hit with it's fifteen fun tracks to boogie along to and Ben and I have played this CD over and over again - it has been the source of a lot of fun!

The eight special episodes included in the DVD are:
1. Postman Pat’s Great Big Party
2. Postman Pat Takes The Bus
3. Postman Pat & The Toy Soldiers
4. Postman Pat & The Tuba
5. Postman Pat & The Greendale Rocket
6. Postman Pat & The Barometer
7. Postman Pat Clowns Around
8. Postman Pat’s Pirate Treasure

The first episode, Postman Pat’s Great Big Party is all about how Postman Pat's friends and family in Greendale go about arranging a surprise birthday party for him. Poor Pat thinks they have all forgotten his special day so he is in for a big surprise! As a Postman Pat fan since childhood, I love how this episode remains true to the original series and I have to admit I enjoyed watching it as much as Ben!

Ben, a big fan of choo-choo's loves the Postman Pat & The Greendale Rocket episode for obvious reasons and he gets very excited when he sees the Rocket. It is nice to have a chance to see some of the classic episodes and get the background behind how the Greendale Rocket came back into use and also the story of how Meera and her family moved from Pencaster to Greendale.

Ben intently watching an episode
We thoroughly enjoyed both the Happy Birthday Postman Pat’ DVD and the Party CD and they have already been watched and listened to over and over again. I highly recommend getting this fantastic DVD if your child is a fan of Postman Pat or Postman Pat Special Delivery Service (SDS). You and your little one are guaranteed to love it!

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received a copy of the ‘Happy Birthday Postman Pat’ DVD free to review but this has in no way biased my views - both Ben and I enjoyed the DVD and CD.


Lucinda Barton said...

My little ones adore Postman Pat! Right from the very first ones which are great for winding down right up to the current ones! Cant believe he's 30!

Mummy's Space said...

I couldn't believe he's 30 either -great a series can run that long and still be loved by kids!

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