Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Sneak preview of my Princes Breakfast Box

Yesterday Mr Postman arrived with a lovely surprise for us from Princes thanks to Claire over at Cheshire Mum. Ben who has just had his second birthday where he had quite a few presents arrive in the post thought it was another gift for him so I left him to it and I am pleased to say he was really excited by what he found inside as was I!
Ben couldn't get the parcel unwrapped quickly enough!

There were lots of wows when he saw the colourful contents
So what exactly was inside it? I hear you ask - well it was packed with Princes goodies such as canned fruit including grapefruit segments, peach slices, pear halves, fruit cocktail, pineapple chunks and mandarin segments and Princes pure juices which I am very pleased about as they will greatly help us hit our five a day. It also contained some other lovely items including the most deliciously fragranced candle, colourful beakers and bowls, colouring book, placemats, clock, vouchers and a bunch of recipes.

This made me go wow!
Over the next couple of weeks I plan on trying these products out and experimenting with some recipes which I will feature in a post. I will also be taking part in the Princes Breakfast Stress Test which requires me to monitor my heart rate at different times including breakfast time and stressed and relaxed times which I have to say will be interesting to do and I am looking forward to seeing the results of.

The great news is I will soon be running a competition on my blog where you can win one of these fantastic breakfast boxes delivered to your door. How fantastic does that sound? So make sure you keep an eye out for when I announce the competition on twitter and facebook. Believe me this is one competition you will want to win!

A big thank you goes to Claire and the lovely people at Princes for the brekfast box. I am looking forward to using it and sharing my experience here.

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received the breakfast box for free however this has in no way biased my opinions. I am looking forward to sharing how we get on with all these goodies.


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