Thursday, 8 September 2011

Review of Love You to the Moon and Back iPad App

Love You to the Moon and Back iPad app which is part of the Auracle line by Auryn Inc is quite simply put a beautiful app which makes a lovely sleepy time story. The app is another of Auryn Inc's interactive books for the iPad, other apps include Teddy's Day and Teddy's Night which I previously reviewed. The app brings the stunning artwork by Sue Shanahan, a children's illustrator to life to tell the story of a mothers love for her child.
Three reading modes to select from & Personalisation mode (P) in right hand corner
When you load this app you are presented with three modes to select from, Read To Me, Auto Play and Read Myself. Read Myself allows you to read the book to your little one in a traditional way at your own pace. Read To Me and Auto Play are both narrated versions with Read To Me navigated by touching an arrow to move forward and Auto Play moving forward once the text on each page is read. Both these modes come in very useful if you need to keep your child entertained in the car etc.
Beautiful illustrations brought to life

Example of word / image association when an object is touched on screen
Another example of the fantastic illustrations
The great thing I love about this app is the ability to personalise it and record your voice reading the story. I think this really adds to the Read To Me and Auto Play modes as it is the kind of story that lends itself to the narrative familiar voice of a child's own parent. I have to admit I really enjoyed customising it too, it made the story feel extra special. Another feature which I like is the interactivity when you touch an object on screen and it's name appears and is read aloud which is great for teaching word and image association to young children.

Love You to the Moon and Back is available to download from the AppStore for 69p and is compatible with the iPad. It makes a great bedtime story which children will love.

A video all about Love You to the Moon and Back is available to watch here and features its talented and lovely Illustrator / Author Sue Shanahan who talks about the app and her reasons for creating it.

*Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post. I received a promo code to review this app but this has in no way biased my opinion of it - it is a lovely story you and your little one will enjoy!


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