Wednesday, 7 September 2011

My favourite Baby Item this week: Disney Spill Proof Cup

Since Ben started drinking from a cup we have tried quite a few different types mostly made by the big brand names in the quest to find one that is truly spill proof and more importantly easy to clean and keep clean. One of my pet hates is how gunky and black some of the fiddly bits of a few of the cups get after very short periods of usage. It has meant I spend ages cleaning them using a combination of cotton buds and cocktail sticks, always amazed and even a little horrified at the amount of yucky residue I find has built up so quickly. Therefore I was delighted to finally find a cup that ticks all the boxes being completely spill proof, BPA free, a cinch to clean and also a big hit with Ben as it has a cute picture of Winnie the Pooh on it. Even better still it only cost me a pound from Poundland. The Disney Spill Proof Cup by Hey Baby is a fantastic find if I say so myself!

Disney Spill Proof Cup by Hey Baby!

To clean it you simply pop out the value which is in one piece, this allows you to easily clean the parts inside the spout as well as the value. When you are done it just snaps back into place easily. Hey presto, it really is that simple!

Inside of lid
Inside of lid with valve removed

I love this cup so much I went back and got a second one so now Ben has it in blue and green but it also comes in yellow and a transparent version with all cups featuring Winnie the Pooh which toddlers are sure to love!  I highly recommend this product, you really won't be disappointed by it! The only thing which raises an eyebrow or two is when Ben asks for his 'Pooh juice'!

Ben and his cup
Posing with his Pooh juice in the park


angelsandurchinsblog said...

Tee hee. My grandmother always used to be surprised when we talked about playing 'Pooh' games (and we were talking Winnie the Pooh too!). Great recommendation. 

Mummy's Space said...

Haha! Pooh can lead to many amusing moments! They're great cups - well worth getting hold of one!

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