Sunday, 11 September 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday! - A Letter to Ben

To Ben,

Happy second birthday to my amazing little boy. I am so sorry you were too ill yesterday to enjoy your special day but we will celebrate it properly when you are feeling better I promise

This past year has been a very busy one for you. You have learnt to walk, run and climb (often scaring me with your scaling abilities). You can now talk and tell me stories and what 'Ben' likes, wants or in turn doesn't like or want. You love to sing and dance and carry around your "steppy" (step) which you use to stand on if you want to get to something up high or sometimes just want a little sit down. When we go to the park your favourite thing to play on is the slide which you now scramble up the steps to in record time. You like to help me cooking especially adding "peppies" (peppers) or "herbies" (herbs) and have recently decided you enjoy using the feather duster to dust everything even the red wine mummy spilt all over the kitchen floor last Friday (we need a new duster!).

You go crazy for trains, trucks, buses and anything with wheels and will happily spend hours playing with your choo-choo tracks and the wooden bus your Nana bought you. Whenever you hear a siren or see an ambulance you very cutely say "nambulance" which always makes me smile.

You impress us everyday with how clever you are, easily counting to ten, recognising letters and the way in which you play apps on the iPad. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and The Numberjacks are your favourite television programmes at the moment and I do believe your highlight of the year was meeting Numberjack four when we went to see the Numberjacks Live last week as you haven't stopped talking about all the characters. Your favourite song still appears to be Jack Johnson's Banana Pancakes and you often ask me to play it for you and we have a little dance.

You are growing so quickly and your feet are getting very big, we got your first pair of proper walking shoes on Christmas Eve which were size 3.5 but you have now just about outgrown your sandals which are size 5.5. You hate to see and hear other babies and children crying and always get a sad look on your face if you do and say "Mama, baby cry!" as if you are pleading with me to make them stop. You are already showing that you have an eye for the ladies and when we are out always wave and say "Hi lady!" or "Bye lady!" to any women you see. You give the best and biggest hugs and kisses and I love our snuggles on the sofa so much.

You make both your Daddy and I so incredibly proud to be your parents and we love you with all our hearts. Thank you for being the most wonderful son in the world! We are so very lucky to have such an amazing little boy. Thank you for making me the happiest Mummy in the world!

Lots and lots of love,

Mummy xxx
My Two Year Old Boy


Superamazingmum said...

Happy Birthday Ben!!!!!  Sooooooo gorgeous xx

Mummy's Space said...

Thank you! :) x

nikki h said...

aww, happy birthday to your lil one, hope he is feeling better.
nikki xo

Vachana said...

Thats the cutest birthday letter ever! Happy Birthday Ben.. :)

Mummy's Space said...

Thank you! He's much better than he was yesterday so hopefully it won't be long before he's back to his usual fun self! x

Mummy's Space said...

Thank you! :)

Mummy's Space said...

Thank you! He's much better than he was yesterday so hopefully it won't be long before he's back to his usual fun self! x

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