Friday, 23 September 2011

Getting Appy at the Mindshapes Launch Event

I was really quite excited when we were invited to the Mindshapes launch event as being a bit of a geeky family I knew it would not only be of interest to me, but also my husband and most definitely our two year old son Ben who is a real little whizz on the iPad. The event was held to mark the launch of three new fantastic eductional apps, Meteor Math, Lingo Zoo and  Hickory Dickory Dock which are all available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. I plan on doing individual more in-depth reviews of each of these apps but for now here is a quick overview.

Ben + iPad = a very happy boy :)
Meteor Math is, as the name suggests, a Maths app aimed at improving numerical skills including addition, subtraction, division and multiplication in children six plus years. The clever thing about this app is that it disguises mathematical puzzles by presenting kids with arcade style challenges where they have to smash together correctly numbered meteors to solve the problems. As progress is made through the levels the puzzles get more challenging and complex which is sure to improve childrens maths abilities in a fun engaging way. Meteor Math is available to download from the AppStore and costs £1.99.

Showing Daddy how to play Meteor Math
Lingo Zoo is a fun animal puzzle game young children are sure to love which also teaches them basic animal names in Spanish. As each jigsaw-like puzzle is completed the animal sound is made and it's name spoken in both English and Spanish. This app is aimed at children aged three to five but Ben, who is just two really enjoyed playing it. There are various levels including Farm, Underwater, Safari, Flower Garden, Outback and Jungle, as you complete one level a new one gets unlocked. This is the kind of app that will keep toddlers entertained for hours with it's fun graphics and animal sounds while teaching them animal names in both languages and improving their fine motor skills. Lingo Zoo will be available to download from the AppStore on the 29th Spetember and will cost 99p.

Having fun playing Lingo Zoo
Hickory Dickory Dock is a fantastic app which is aimed at teaching young children how to tell the time aided by a very helpful little mouse which Ben loved. The graphics, detail and depth in it are amazing with lots of fun mini-games which are sure to engage any child while improving their cognitive development and helping them to learn to tell the time. It is evident that the team responsible for Hickory Dickory Dock really put a lot of work and thought into creating it. As we played it, we kept discovering lots of impressive features and details which use proper physical forces to mimic gravity, friction, weight and acceleration. I am really looking forward to playing this app again with Ben and reviewing it in more detail. Hickory Dickory Dock is available to download from the AppStore and costs £1.99.

Ben & his Daddy enjoying Hickory Dickory Dock
One other thing which I have to mention in this post is the fantastic venue, Maggie & Rose Kensington Club where this event was held. It is truly a fantastic place for kids which holds bespoke art, music and cookery classes as well as hosting children's parties. Ben loved it there and I wish it local to us as we would definitely be going there more often if it was!

Having a little rest from all that App playing :)
We thoroughly enjoyed the event and meeting the Mindshapes team - a great event and fantastic new apps which children are sure to love.

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. We were invited to attend the Mindshapes Launch Event where we got to play with the apps but this has in no way biased my opinion - they are great apps well worth checking out!


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