Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Ben and his new Friend

Ben has a new friend and one which I am not too happy about. You see I captured this humongous creature in the early hours of the morning as he scrambled across the lounge floor while I was dealing with my non sleeping toddler. I was hoping he would have been magically removed by my brave husband before he left for work but unfortunately he went unnoticed.

I am now contemplating calling the fire brigade to deal with this scary being although I am not sure how Ben would take it as he has been sitting next to his new buddy most of the morning waving and saying "Hi Spidey!" whilst threatening to lift the container off every few seconds.

Please don't lift the container off Ben!!!


actuallymummy said...

Uuurgh! It gives me the creeps just seeing it's leg under the pot! Got to go now before I hyperventilate!

Mummy's Space said...

I know! Amazingly Ben hasn't released it yet & I'm hoping it stays that way until my hubby comes home and removes it... I hate spiders so much!

Mother's Always Right said...

Shivers. Down. My. Spine. Ugh. I hate spiders. Something about the way they move terrifies me. I really need to man up before I let on to F though. I'd never want her to be a wimp like me. Looks like you don't have that problem at all!

Mummy's Space said...

Me too - I hate them! Woke up with one on my face over the weekend - i am still recovering from that. Thankfully spidey has been released into the wild now my hubby is home. Have a feeling there are a few more lurking about though.. :(

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