Saturday, 10 September 2011

Being a Parent: Two Years On

It's Ben's second birthday today and my poor little baby is ill. I feel so upset for him feeling so poorly. As he lies in my arms asleep, heat radiating from his body, making little whimpers and sighs, he may no longer a baby but he still looks like one to me and I would do anything to make him better. I find myself gazing at him like I did when he was a newborn and thinking how precious and wonderful he is and how lucky I am to have him for my son.

Ben is usually so full of energy, running about and exploding with personality, it is hard to see him like this especially on his birthday. But I know he will get better after some ibuprofen, fluids and sleep unlike some poor children who are seriously ill. I just can't imagine how heartbreaking it must be for parents who have to watch their children suffer longterm. Parenting isn't straightforward or easy, there are lots of highs and lows but thankfully I find those good moments far outweigh the bad and make them fade into the background, the highs fuelling you for the future challenges that may lie ahead.

What I have learnt over the last two years is that becoming a parent is so much more than just bringing a mini you and your other half into the world. As I see it, it changes you, your relationships and how you view the world. You experience a whole new set of emotions which you never knew existed, those of unconditional love, amazing pride and a need to protect your little one from anything that may cause harm or distress no matter how slight. You see your own parents in a different light and appreciate and recognise all that they have done for you when you were growing up and indeed still. I don't think anyone can explain what parenthood is actually like until you are one yourself. It is very special and a privilege and I believe it defines me. I am one very proud Mummy and to me there is no higher honour.

My poorly birthday boy


Jennypaulin said...

Awww he is beautiful. So sorry he's I'll - I hate it when B is and you just want to take it away and have t for them. I totally agree with you about how you don't know what parenthood is until you experience it yourself xx

Mummy's Space said...

Thank you for your lovely comment :) fingers crossed he'll be better soon. Being a parent may be hard at times but it really is wonderful

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