Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Splish Splash!

Water really is the best thing to play with when you're a child. Playing with Ben in his paddling pool brings it all back to me. One of my earliest childhood memories is playing in the garden in my blue polka dot paddling pool. I loved it so much and used to spend hours in it. I'm actually amazed now thinking back that I got the opportunity to spend so much time in it given the Irish weather, maybe the summers were better back then or I felt the cold less ;).

So far today Ben has spent most of the day since 10am splish splashing in his paddling pool, surrounded by coloured balls, his quack quack can, two buckets and spades, a super soaker but best of all 'mama's can'. The sparkling water looking amazing glistening in the sun. Ben squealed with delight when I emptied the big watering can for him, his hands cupped trying to catch it as the water cascaded down. He spent ages filling the can with balls and water and emptying it again and again. After lunch he was straight back out to the paddling pool with renewed energy and armed with his wheelbarrow which he filled using his quack quack can and then chased poor Coco about the garden trying to give her a bath. She quickly escaped inside rather disgruntled by it all.

I'm not sure I'll ever get him of the water today and I fully expect tears and tantrums when I do but I'm happy we are making the most of this lovely weather. I wish everyday was a sunny day and Ben could play in his paddling pool!


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