Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sleeeeeeppp Please!

It's yet another party-baby Ben in the house night tonight. I've lost count of how many nights in a row it has been now but it is a week at least, maybe two.

I thought I had gotten him off to sleep a little while ago but the whole from-my-arms-to-cot transfer failed miserably and he was suddenly more awake than before. Apparently less than ten minutes sleep is all this toddler needs to recharge his batteries and he's off bouncing about in a Tigger-esque fashion. I wish I could say the same for myself!

So we're back on the couch, Ben is feeding and thankfully starting to calm down a little. I am praying he will sleep like he did earlier during his nap. The nap which was far too late in the day but he just kept fighting and fighting any signs of tiredness until he finally had to give in and conked out. I know I need to get him to nap earlier in the day and everyday I try to but it just seems an impossible task at the moment. Maybe tomorrow will be better...

If only Ben slept like this at the right times


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