Monday, 15 August 2011

Review of HiPP Organic New Fruit Pouches

Last week we had a nice surprise when some HiPP Organic New Fruit Pouches arrived in the post for review. These pouches, which are suitable from four months onwards, contain 100% fruit, have no added sugar and a very handy resealable cap which I found great for when we were out and about and I wanted to give Ben a healthy snack.

The flavours sound delicious with four to choose from including Peach Apple Blueberry and Raspberry, Mango Apple and Peach, Banana Pear and Mango and Apple Strawberry and Banana. All contain two portions of fruit apart from the Peach Apple Blueberry and Raspberry which contains one portion.

We have now tried all four flavours and Ben, who is twenty three months old absolutely loves them. I gave him the pouch to drink directly from which he really enjoyed the novelty of and I was impressed with how well he managed to drink them without any accidental spills at all. He loved looking at the fruit on the packaging and picking which of the flavours to have and it was clear he enjoyed them when he gave his 'nom-nom-nom' words of approval and the big smile on his face.

The pouches are available to buy from most Boots, Sainsburys, Waitrose and online at the HiPP Shop with pouches costing £0.99 each and available to buy in 2 cases of 5 x 100g pouches for £9.99 from the HiPP Shop.

I found it great having one of these in my bag for Ben when we went out in the car this weekend. I was happy that he was having a healthy snack and he was loving his tasty treat so a big win all round. Thanks to Hipp for sending these to us for review, we will definitely be purchasing them again.

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received these pouches for free in return for an online review at BabyExpert. As Ben enjoyed them so much and I found them such a convenient snack to have for him I decided to also share my feedback here also.


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