Friday, 26 August 2011

My favourite baby item this week: Sangenic Hygiene Plus Nappy Disposal System

Today I am going to tell you about the Sangenic Hygiene Plus nappy disposal system by Tommee Tippee. This product is such a clever idea and makes disposing of nappies hygienic and hassle free. There is an endless supply of nappies in those first few years with some more stinky than others and I have found having a system such as this really is essential. It is not only hygienic and convenient but it also contains odours effectively. It means that you don't have to make frequent trips to the outside bin to dispose of nappies and is ideal if you live in an apartment or flat and don't have access to such things as a wheely bin outside for your rubbish.

The Sangenic Hygiene Plus is basically like a white plastic bin with a special top where a cartridge containing the wrapper film sits. The idea is you drop the nappy in, twist the top around using a little handle, close the lid where a plunger on the inside of the lid pushes the nappy into the bin below. The result is the trademark Twist and Locks system individually wraps the nappies so that they resemble a string of sausages which are wrapped in its multiple-layer, anti-bacterial film which seals in odour, locks away germs and stores them safely and discretely providing antibacterial protection which kills ninety nine percent of germs on contact. The bin stores approximately twenty eight nappies but that depends on the size. The following is a video on how to use the Sangenic Hygiene Plus.

We have found this a great solution for nappy disposal especially since Ben started on solids and the nappies got a bit more fragrant shall we say. As Ben's nappies didn't particularly smell in the first six months while he was just being breastfed we simply popped a shopping carrier bag in the bin part instead of using a cartridge and used it as a nappy bin. However it was once he started on solids that the system came into it's own, it really does contain the odour and is a very effective way to dispose of smelly nappies.

We purchased our Sangenic Hygiene Plus at The Baby Show but it is available online and in Tesco, Mothercare, Boots and other supermarkets and online stores. The nappy disposal system itself starts from about £24.99 with various starter packages available. The replacement cartridges are £5.49 each but it works out more economical to buy them in packs of three or six. I have found that each cartridge lasts about a month.

This is another one of my tried and tested items which I can highly recommend. Hygienic, convenient and effective!


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