Thursday, 4 August 2011

My favourite Baby Item this week: Clevamama Splash & Wrap Baby Bath Towel

This week I am going to feature another Clevamama product which I love, the Splash and Wrap Baby Bath Towel. I have been using this for well over a year now a have found it fantastic! It is definitely a must have for solo bath times when you need your hands free to pick up baby and an easy way to wrap them in a towel with the added bonus that you also stay dry.

The towel is basically a big apron type design which you fasten around your neck. It has a hood which you place on your baby's head to keep that all important heat in whilst snugly wrapping your baby up in the towel close to you. Before using this I remember how awkward it was trying to get Ben out of the bath and wrapped up quickly in a towel, especially in the early days when he was a tiny newborn and I was new to the whole bathing a baby experience. The towel can be used from newborn to toddler stage. Ben is twenty two months now and I'm still using it so I really have gotten a lot of use from these towels. Ben loves it too and enjoys having a lovely snuggle in it after bath time while I get him nice and dry.

I have the Splash and Wrap towel in blue and white but it also comes in pink and cream and costs around £15. I got mine at the Baby Show but a full list of stockists can be found on the Clevamama site. This is another one of my tried and tested product which I can highly recommend.


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