Friday, 19 August 2011

My favourite Baby Item this week: Stokke Xplory

This week I am going to tell you about our stroller which is the fantastic Stokke Xplory. Ever since I saw it demonstrated at the Baby Show back in 2009 I have been impressed by it. My husband and I had gone there with the intention of buying another well known brand but quickly changed our minds when we saw the Xplory in action and got to test drive it. I immediately loved how high up from the ground it is, the fact the seat is reversible, how easy it is to collapse not to mention the fantastic colours and unique style.

Pushing the Xplory is a joy and it is amazing how you can swivel it about in the smallest of spaces with such ease especially when you are trying to manovure around a crowded store or on a busy tube or bus where space is limited. I love how easily you can adjust the handle to suit whoever is pushing it whether they are tall or small with one simple action. This was important to us as my husband is 6' 4" and I'm 5' 4 (and a half!) so it is great that we can both find a comfortable height to suit us both while avoiding any strain on either of our backs.

The fact that Ben is so high up is a major advantage, he is out of the way of any road dust or potential hazards such as dogs that might bite little hands who grab at things they like. Ben is a huge chatterbox and I love how we can interact when we are out for a stroll which the reversible seat option allows as he can face me. I am a firm believer that having a parent facing stroller improves speech development and communication skills. As Ben has grown from the newborn days in the BabyBag (Carry cot) to the seat with the wedge for support and now without, the stroller has grown with him, the footrest has been adjusted to suit the length of his legs as they have grown longer and the straps on the seat raised higher. Often the only way I can get Ben to nap during the day is to take him out in his Xplory so it is great that the seat reclines completely flat if he does drop off and he can enjoy a comfortable nap.

We bought the Xplory in orange but have since then have purchased the yellow and Forest Green textile sets which are so easy to whip on when you fancy a change or need to wash them which as most parents would agree is a massive bonus. My favourite colour at the moment is definitely the yellow, I love how bright it is but I think come autumn I will change it to the Forest Green as it will suit the season better. Yes, my days of accessorising with shoes and handbags are long gone, now it is all about Ben and making sure he is happy, comfortable and looking great along with it is a big bonus, all of which the Xplory allows for. I can honestly say every time I take Ben out in his Xplory at least one person comments on how wonderful and high up it is and how comfortable Ben looks in it. I've had older people come up to me admiring it saying how modern and space age it looks, teenagers declaring it is "one cool buggy" and little kiddies saying "wow!".

There has been a new model released since we bought ours with some new features and a new range of colours including a gorgeous limited edition pink which I'm sure lots of mummies with baby girls would adore. Beautiful Summer and Winter kits are also available which ensure you can make the most of your stroller in all seasons.

The Xplory is available from various retailers including Mothercare, Kiddicare, Back In Action and Kiddisave with some places offering a package which includes the Baby Bag (suitable from birth to about six months) along with the seat (also suitable from birth when used with the wedge), change bag, shopping bag, blanket, rain cover, mosquito net and parasol. If you are interested a quick google search will show you your options.

I highly recommend the Stokke Xplory, I have tried others since using it and always find myself longing for my Xplory when I do. This is another one of my tried and tested products which I love!

Our first trip out

Ben's first time in the Xplory
Happy in his Xplory
Meeting a friend :)
Loving being so high up he can press the button


Me , The Man & The Baby said...

Am loving those red and yellow colours!! I may treat baby on his first birthday to a new colour for his!! Hehe.. ;) 

Mummy's Space said...

I love all the bright colours it comes in. You must be so excited about baby arriving now and getting to see him in your Xplory. Hope you won't have too long to wait. x

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