Thursday, 11 August 2011

My favourite Baby Item this week: Boots Suction Mat

My choice of items this week is one of the most useful items of feeding equipment I have come across since starting Ben on solids. The Boots Suction Mat is in my opinion an essential product when you begin weaning your baby. I use this every mealtime for Ben both at home and if we go out. It works well with both baby plates, bowls and proper grown up crockery also. What is great is it is so small you can easily pop it in your bag if you are going out or on holidays without having to bring additional baby plates or bowls.

The Boots suction mat is a very simple non slip mat with a sucker in the middle which sticks to your baby's bowl or plate. I have found plates with a flat surface rather than ones with a raised ridge in the middle work best with it. Ben used to be a little monkey for flinging plates about before I started using this mat but since then plates and bowls stay firmly in place.

The Boots Suction Mat is available online or in most stores and costs just £3.99 so is very reasonable for such a great mess saver! It is yet another one of my tried and tested products and is most definitely a 'must have' item when you reach the weaning stage.


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