Monday, 22 August 2011

Finally he Sleeps!

Last night was the first night Ben has ever slept right though the night in his cot, in his own room. I couldn't quite believe it when I woke just before 8am, looked at the clock and realised he was still asleep. Finally at twenty three months he had done it and slept a whole night!

Tonight however has not been so good. It's now gone 2am and Ben was in full swing 'party baby' mode up to not so long ago. At last he is finally snuggled up to me and dropping off again after a few failed attempts to move him into his cot already. He was funny earlier, he had spotted a 'daddy long legs' spider and thought it was hilarious to watch it dance about the room. Thankfully it settled in one spot eventually so stopped distracting him. I, on the other hand, am now trying not to freak out and hoping the scary winged creature will stay where I can see it in the corner visible only by a chink of light that is escaping into the room.

Late as it is, tonight I don't mind being awake with Ben because I know he can do it now. He can and will sleep through the night. He may not tonight but I know he will again and I feel really positive about it.


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