Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Ealing post riots: what was it all for?

I'm just back from Ealing and feel quite sickened by the state of the place following the riots last night. Burnt out cars litter the streets, smashed windows, broken glass everywhere, firefighters still hosing down the buildings which had been set on fire. These thugs obviously didn't give a damn about what they were destroying which is obvious from the fact that they took it upon themselves to smash up Fara, the children's charity store in Ealing. Why would they do that? What did they think they would achieve? Another baby store, Baby e fell victim to their attacks also, along with a small little florists which was set on fire. Small shops, people's livelihoods destroyed overnight for what?

Why attack a kids charity shop?
..and another baby store
It makes me question where are these thugs parents? Surely there are a lot of parents aware that their children have been involved in all this looting and mayhem. They need to take responsibility and not just turn a blind eye. This is serious.

The scary thing is now these gangs have gotten away with it, they are going to end up thinking they can overpower the law and literally run riot, developing a bravado mentality. What's next? I dread to think. What kind of world are our children growing up in? It is very very sad.

Torched cars littering the street in Ealing


Mummy's Space said...

I totally agree - how can parents turn a blind eye to their children coming home with these newly acquired expensive items given recent events?

Mummy's Space said...

Shocking scenes around here for sure. While I do agree some children in poorer areas have it tough I do believe it is a parents responsibility to instil values in their children and teach them right from wrong regardless of their social situation. Some of those involved looked so young, indeed a child as young as 11 was arrested - you have to ask how do parents not know where a child that young is? They need to be responsible for their kids if you ask me.

mmelindor said...

I agree with themadhouse - the pictures of a normal British street shattered by violence are horrible to see. 

Parenting, schools, politics - not one thing but a combination of many issues. 

I do wonder what the parents are doing and saying when the youths come home with a flat screen tv or a new mobile phone. 

themadhouse said...

Those pictures are so shocking, especially with the bright sunshine in the background, it makes them so more sinister.  I am not sure poor parenting can be all to blame.  children living on sink estates often have nothing to live for, no self worth and no matter how loving their parents are they can not hold back time and tide.

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