Friday, 26 August 2011

Ben's top iPad / iPhone app this week: Shapes Game HD by BabyTV

This week's featured app is Shapes Game HD by BabyTV which Ben enjoys playing. Those familiar with BabyTV will recognise the cute Tulli character who narrates the app. The aim of the app is to piece back the pieces of a picture together so it is great for teaching toddlers how pictures are made up of various shapes and it also helps to develop their visual perception.

When you load the app a picture such as a truck appears on screen, the shapes then come apart and Tulli says "Uh oh! Our picture has fallen apart. Let's click on it's parts and put it back together again!". You then just tap the various pieces and the picture comes back together and suddenly it becomes animated and makes a relevant sound while Tulli praises you. Ben especially loves the picture of the duck and how it starts quacking when back together, it is guaranteed to make him laugh! It is relatively simple to play but is a great way for little ones to learn about shapes and in turn how to put them together to draw their own pictures.

Shapes being put back together after they have fallen apart

Shapes put back together and animated

My only negative about this app is the location of the menu button on the lower left hand corner as it is too easy to touch it accidentally and then you are taken back to the menu and have to start all over again with the first picture. It would be much better if it was child proof similar to how the button on the BabyTV Mobile HD app has been implemented which requires you to touch the button for a few seconds and then a circle appears and you select an option - this is a great example of child friendly app buttons.

Ben really enjoys playing this app and the selection of pictures not to mention the familiar sight of Tulli. I like how it teaches him to recognise shapes in pictures.

Shapes Game HD for the iPad is available to download for free from the AppStore and there is also a version for the iPhone. Great little apps your little one is sure to enjoy playing.

Ben putting the shapes back together

Watching as the butterfly is animated

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I have chosen to write about this app as I have found it really good and wanted to share it with others.


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