Friday, 19 August 2011

Ben's top iPad app this week: Teddy's Day and Teddy's Night

This week I want to tell you about not one but two apps called Teddy's Day and Teddy's Night by Auryn Inc which Ben loves. The apps, which are digital books are beautifully illustrated, cleverly interactive and pleasantly narrated. Both apps are based on storybooks by the author Bruno Hachler, Teddy's Day is based on 'What does my Teddy Bear do all Day?' and Teddy's Night is based on 'What does my Teddy Bear do All Night?'. The story is about a girl who imagines the various things that her Teddy might be getting up to while she is not around.

Teddy's Day

Teddy's Night - the interactive feature highlighted

The thing that I love the most about these apps is the subtleness of the interactive features which add such a fun element without detracting from the story and really keep Ben engaged throughout. On each page the words are read first and then the interactive parts are highlighted. Such examples include being able to help the girl complete a jigsaw, tap the crayons to draw pictures which then appear on the wall and remain there when you play it next time, build blocks, turn on and off the light switch and many more.

Interactive feature: Drawing

Interactive feature: Balancing blocks

Ben loves the "Teddy Bear" apps as he refers to them. He seems to be very taken with the Teddy and the two little mice in it who are fantastically brought to life by the beautiful illustrations. His really enjoys the interactive parts in particular where he gets to draw and loves playing with the blocks and balancing them to build a tower. It is safe to say these apps are a big hit with him and the great thing is he keeps finding new cool things to do in it.

Teddy's Day is priced at £2.49 and Teddy's Night is £1.99 and both are available to download for the iPad from the AppStore.

Ben playing Teddy's Day

*Disclaimer: I received a promo code to review these apps but this has in no way biased my opinion of them - both Ben and I love them!


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