Tuesday, 12 July 2011

What I learnt from today's little adventure with Ben

Somedays it's the little things that make you see the big. Today had the potential to be another toddler tantrum battling day so I decided I take Ben on a small adventure. Nothing too exciting unless you're a 22 month old who can't get enough of all forms of public transport. Our adventure was a bus trip. You see Ben has never been on a bus as we always use the tube if not walking or driving but recently he gets unbelievably excited when he sees one so I thought it was a good idea.

As we waited at the bus stop Ben pointed out the buses passing in the opposite direction. When ours finally turned up, the doors opened and as we stepped on he started shouting 'bus!, big bus!, red bus!' jumping up and down in my arms. We sat by the window and he was like a little narrator the whole way on our short trip to Chiswick. I must say the boy doesn't miss a thing and it made me realise just how much his vocabulary has grown lately.

He pointed out all the different coloured cars, vans and trucks (and impressively got most of the colours right), he told me about any dogs, cats, trees or flowers we passed and where the choo-choos are when we passed a tube station. When he saw someone with a hat he had to tell me that and he even managed to spot Baby Jake a few times (he's a huge fan of Baby Jake right now so all babies are Baby Jake). When we got to Chiswick he wasn't very pleased to be getting off the bus but thankfully the promise of a trip back on the 'choo-choo' calmed him down.

It amazed me what I learnt from such a short bus trip with Ben. I knew he was like a little sponge, taking everything in and examining his surroundings all the time but it is only now that he has started talking properly I have noticed just how much he has been soaking up over the past 22 months. It feels like a big leap forward that he has begun putting words together and is suddenly able to describe what he sees. These really are exciting times but boy are they going fast!

Ben busy narrating our bus journey


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