Monday, 25 July 2011

Nana, plane!

My mom is coming to visit tomorrow and I am really looking forward to seeing her but more than anything I am looking forward to her seeing Ben and vice versa. My mom is completely besotted with her little grandson so I know she can't wait to get here and give him lots of hugs and kisses. She hasn't seen him since the start of May and even in that short time Ben has changed so much. He is now taller, chattier, can really communicate and is an accomplished climber amongst other things. She is in for a bit of a shock I reckon and I expect he will scare her to death with his daredevil antics scaling the furniture.

I have been telling Ben for the last few days that Nana is coming to visit. He would nod and clap at me when I told him but I wasn't completely sure he understood. However yesterday, my husband asked Ben who was coming on Tuesday and he replied 'Nana', when asked how she was getting here he told us 'plane'. One of the first thing things Ben said to me this morning after waking was 'Nana, plane' and he must have said it another ten times at least today with a big smile on his face. I can't wait to see both their expressions tomorrow at the airport. It's going to be a fun two days!

Ben & his Nana in May


Erin said...

That is so sweet! Elliot is still not really into talking. Aside from Elliot language which seems to be mostly 'adoooooo'. Have a great visit with your mum

Margaret Allmark said...

Thanks - really looking forward to it!
I love your description 'Elliot language' :) I'm sure he'll be chattering away in no time - he's such a clever little chap!

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