Thursday, 28 July 2011

Nana, gone!

My mom has gone back and as usual the visit went far too quick. I miss her. I hate that feeling when she leaves. It's hard to explain but I guess it's kind of a lonely feeling for awhile after she goes back. It's gotten harder to say goodbye since I had Ben, I think once you become a parent yourself you suddenly see your own parents in a different light and value what they have done for you. I know I do.

The first thing Ben said to me this morning was 'Nana, gone!'. He had such a lovely time with his Nana. She adores him and he can't get enough of her. All Ben wanted to do was play with his Nana and entertain her with his singing, dancing and climbing while she was here. She was amazed at how much he has changed since she saw him in May. It was funny hearing him say 'Nana down floor, play cars' and catching her by the hand and leading her into his room to get the toys he wanted. She said it brought back memories to her of when my brother and I were young and my brother used to order play with our Nana in the same way. I found it really sweet to see Ben give his Nana so many kisses and hugs. To say he only sees her every few months they really do have a special bond.

'Nana, down floor, play!'

'Train Nana, train!'


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