Thursday, 14 July 2011

My favourite Baby Item this week: the Mothercare Aqua Pod

My favourite item this week is thoroughly tried and tested at this stage and in my opinion a definite must have. When Ben got too big for his bath support bath times were a bit scary for awhile as I struggled with a slippery baby wriggling around so I knew I needed something and decided to invest in an Aqua Pod from Mothercare and I am so glad I did!

The Aqua Pod is like a non-slip bath mat with a seat which has a t-shaped bar for support and lots of suction cups to keep it in place. It also has a heat spot indicator which changes colour if the bath is too hot. You can start using it from about 6 months or from when your baby can sit up unaided. I think Ben was about 10 months when I got it (I wish I had bought one earlier) but at 22 months he is still using it so it has seen a lot of bath times!

I remember the first bath time using the Aqua Pod and the actual relief I felt at how much easier it made it. Ben loved it as he could kick and splash about as much as he liked and he got to play with his toys and I could join in too as I wasn't trying to hold on to the little wriggler. It meant bath times were a lot more fun! One tip for when you are finished using it is to fold it over and hook the t-bar over a shower screen if you have one and leave it to drip dry.

The Aqua Pod is available from Mothercare for £29.99 with a choice of blue or pink and there is also a Duo Aqua Pod for £39.99 which I can only imagine is a godsend if you have twins or two little ones.

This is a great product and I would not hesitate to recommend it - it makes bath times a whole lot easier and way more fun for you and your baby!

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I have chosen to write about this item because I find it useful and wanted to share it with others


julie said...

I totally agree about the Aquapod, we bought one at 6 months old and lasted a good14 months, we reluctantly threw it out when I couldn't get him in it anymore! Thought it would be another useless item we buy for babies but was one ofthe best items we bought...

Margaret Allmark said...

Definitely - it's a great buy and makes bathing so much safer. I know what you mean about useless buys - we've had lots like the baby bath which we used about twice.

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