Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My favourite baby item this week : Munchkin Snack catcher

This week I want to tell you about another one of my favourite baby items, the Munchkin Snack Catcher. When I first saw this product I just thought what a great idea, finally a container I can give Ben snacks in when we're in the car, the buggy or just around the house without him turning it upside down and sending the contents flying everywhere.

It's basically a cup with a very special lid that has flaps to allow little fingers to grab the snacks they want easily. The lid has small bumps on it which serve to clean fingers as well which is another plus. It's has a space on the underside to write your child's name and a non slip base which is rubbery to prevent it marking surfaces. It is also BPA free. The people at Munchkin really have thought of everything!

I put various bite sized snacks such as grapes, blueberries, Organix rice crackers and maize snacks and so on in it. It's great when you're on the go, you can pop it in your change bag and know that when a snacks is required you can hand it over and your toddler will enjoy helping themselves to the contents without creating a huge mess or tears because all their yummy treats have fallen to the ground. Another benefit for me is that my sneaky little chihuahua Coco can't just grab Ben's snacks when my back is turned which used to happen a a lot! Ben actually finds it quite hillarious now that he can wave his snack catcher at Coco and tease her and there is no way she can steal anything.

I got my snack catcher from Kiddicare for £3.49 and for a full list of stockists in the UK have a look here. I think this is definitely a must have product for any parent of a toddler, you'll love it and your little one will too!


Mummy's Space said...

They really are fantastic! Everyone with little kids should have one!

Brenda Seatter said...

I have used these snack catchers for a few years now and LOVE them. I have 2 boys and things used to get spilt everywhere, now I put fruit, biscuits, seeds and nuts in these and we have a less messy house and car now. Wonderful invention. XX

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