Monday, 18 July 2011

Mum's the word

I am curious as to how many mummy bloggers tell family and friends about their blog. I have chosen not to tell anyone other than my husband who I have sworn to secrecy.

I like having my blog as a place where I can share my thoughts and all the ups and downs I face as a mummy with the world without anyone close to me knowing about it. I guess it gives me an outlet to be 'just me'. I can share the good, the bad and ugly without having to worry about family or friends judging me or interfering. I remember writing one post about Ben and his lack of sleep and how it made me feel like such a failure late one night and feeling so much better next day when I read some lovely supportive comments on the post and from twitter friends. It's at times like that I really appreciate being able to share with a community of mummy bloggers and twitter friends who know where I am coming from and what it's like. Of course there are also times when I post something and I think 'my mom would love to see this' and for a second I contemplate sharing my secret but I always resist as I value my space too much.

So I just want to say thanks to those of you on twitter and who read my blog for your support as well as asking you whether you share your blog with friends and family?


celebratingmums said...

I don't keep it a secret but I do warn family and friends that they may not like what they read there. I leave it up to them whether they do. I think some of them might be in for a shock if they saw the warts and all me on my personal blog. I do have another site/blog which is trying to do different things and I only put content on there I would be happy for anyone to see.
I agree with so much of what you say in this post. Blogging keeps mums sane is my view

Margaret Allmark said...

Definitely keeps me sane! So nice to finally be able to share things and reach out to a network of people in similar situations. I'm not as brave as you to let anyone in on my secret and think I'll be keeping it that way for now anyways :)

Briony Dawkins said...

My family and friends have no idea about my blog,and I have no intention of telling them :)

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