Friday, 29 July 2011

Ben's top iPad / iPhone app this week: Toddler Puzzle Shapes

Toddler Puzzle Shapes by Technolio Inc is a very simple app yet educational. Being so simple I thought Ben would quickly get bored of it but this has not been the case, he really seems to enjoy playing it and loads it time and time again when he gets hold of my iPad.

There are two games, a shape matching one and a puzzle game.  In the shape matching game you are presented with a number of shapes and a flashing outline of a shape which you have to drag and drop the correct one in to.  A voice prompts you by saying 'Where is the triangle?' or 'Find the hexagon?' etc.  If the correct shape is selected it praises you by saying such things such as 'Yippee!' or 'Clever!' and similarly if an incorrect one is selected it says 'Uh-oh!' or 'Oops!'. Ben usually repeats the name of the shape after the voice prompt which is excellent for learning shape names.

Shape matching game
The other game is a Puzzle game where you have to put four jigsaw pieces in the correct places to make a picture. When you select a piece, the place where it belongs begins to flash which I think is a good idea as it helps toddlers learn how to do puzzles. Ben has become quite quick at doing these puzzles now and I think it has helped him playing other puzzle games and jigsaws.
Puzzle game

Another feature worth mentioning is the fact that this app supports multiple languages including English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish so is ideal for bilingual children.

Ben busy matching shapes
The app is free to download from App Store and is available for the iPad and iPhone. It is well worth installing in my opinion!


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