Friday, 22 July 2011

Ben's top iPad / iPhone app this week: Baby DJ

This week I am going to tell you about an app which Ben has been having a lot of fun with. It's called Baby DJ and as the name suggests it's a music app which allows your baby to be a DJ.

When you load the app you can choose between eight songs, three of which are free with the others costing 69p each. We have stuck to the free ones which are Jellyfish, both Ben and my favourite song - I like it for the actual song and he likes it mostly because of the pictures on the tracks especially the puppy and the mouse; Winter, a Christmas themed song and Wings which is the latest free one added. Once you select your song a screen with nine tracks is loaded and options to record, play and listen to recordings are displayed. You can play all the tracks by selecting the play control or you can select which individual beats you want to play by touching the tracks required. Also, if you are using the iPad app you can adjust the volume control on the individual tracks by using the pinch gesture. I really like this feature and once I showed Ben he got the hang of it straight away. You can record your creations by selecting the record button and once recorded you can playback or email your mix. I really like the email functionality and used it to impress Ben's Daddy with one of Ben's mixes the other day while he was at work. My only negative about this app is the location of the control buttons as Ben has hit the option buttons by mistake while playing which can be annoying.

Ben, like most toddlers loves music. I know when he wants to play this app because he says 'music, dance, dance!' and grabs for the iPad. He has lots of fun stopping and starting the various tracks and adjusting the volumes to make different mixes. He usually bops along to the beats and often has a little dance around the iPad while his music is playing. I love watching him play this and enjoy helping him too. We have a lot of fun with this app!

Baby DJ is free to download from the app store and is available for both iPad and iPhone. Guaranteed you'll enjoy it as much as your little one :).
My Little DJ hard at work!

Enjoying his tunes :)


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