Friday, 8 July 2011

'Back Again!'

'Back again, back again, back again'! I must hear those words at least a gazillion times a day. It usually starts when I change Ben's first nappy of the day. Yes, he does kick up a fuss and believe it or not request his wet nappy 'back again'. In the past I have had to pretend to go and get it and put it back on again to avert a major tantrum.

There are a host of other triggers for 'back again' throughout the day and everyday there seems to be a new one. I am sure to hear 'back again' again and again at the end credits of Ben's favourite CBeebies shows, at the moment it always happens when Baby Jake finishes and he usually grabs the remote saying those two words over and over expecting me to rewind it for him. There's usually many 'back again's when I get him dressed in the morning and he often goes and retrieves his pyjamas from the laundry basket and attempts to put it back on. Leaving the park, coming in from watching the trains, putting away his toys - yes these all result in Ben uttering lots of 'back again's.

The thing is it's not so much the 'back again's that are getting to me but the accompanying tears and tantrums when he doesn't get his own way. Trying to teach Ben 'No' is proving a little difficult. He knows how to get around me. I find it difficult to give out to him when tears are streaming down his face and if I do he usually gets even more upset and says 'huggle Mama' with arms outstretched. I know teaching kids that they can't get their own way is important so I'm doing my best not to just give in to Ben's 'back again' requests. It's hard at times though.

It's just so hard at times to say 'No' to this little face


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