Sunday, 17 July 2011

The adidas Family Fun Day

Yesterday we went along to the adidas family fun day which was held in the adidas HQ in Covent Garden in association with Disney and I have to say it was a very enjoyable event for me, my husband and Ben. Ben, who had been asleep in his carrier woke shortly after we arrived and his fist words were 'Cars, cars!'. He must have thought he was still dreaming as he woke up surrounded by Disney Cars 2 pictures, balloon animals, footballs, big beanbags, cuddly toys of Wenlock and Mandeville (the Olympic mascots) and a cartoon featuring them on the television not to mention the yummy kid-friendly treats on offer as well. Ben was one happy little toddler and was soon whizzing about the showrooms exploring!
Fun, fun, fun!
The showroom was beautifully laid out showcasing the AW11 ranges which included the Disney, the Olympic 2012 and the adidas Classics kids ranges. I was lucky enough to get a personal tour of it all and I have to say I was hugely impressed. Before this event I never realised that adidas made stuff for kids as young as newborns. If I had known Ben would definitely have had a pair of the little crib shoes - they are just too cute!
How cute are these little Minnie Mouse crib shoes for a little baby girl?
My favourite range was the Disney one which adidas and Disney collaborated on to celebrate the release of Disney/Pixar’s Cars 2 which is on the 22 July in cinemas across the UK. Kids, in particular little boys are going to love this stuff which features all the new Cars characters including Finn McMissile, a secret agent from the UK; Francesco Bernoulli, Lightning McQueen’s top rival from Italy; and Shu Todoroki, a race car favourite from Tokyo along with old favourites Lightning McQueen and Mater the tow truck. Parents are going to be pleased too as it looks great and everything is really good quality which you would expect from adidas with nice detail on the clothes such as great stitching, prints that you know will last, woven badges, piping and special zippers. My favourites were the trainers, they are fantastic - lovely combinations of leather and shiny patent, great colours, nice and light and the Cars character logos to make them extra special. There were also some Mickey and Minnie Mouse items on display and for any little princesses out there some gorgeous Disney Princess items. The range is reasonably priced between £20 - £32 and is available now.
I love the Cars 2 trainers!
I also loved the Olympic 2012 range which features Wenlock, one of the Olympic Mascots. There are two collections, the Mascot Rainbow for kids three to six years and the Mascot Champion which is for six to twelve year olds. To me, because adidas are the official sponsors of the Olympics and will be designing and producing all the official kit and apparel for the Team GB and London 2012 officials I think it makes this range extra special. We all know there will be tonnes of Olympic 2012 merchandise available but these t-shirts and tracksuits feel more authentic because just like Team GB your little one will be wearing adidas and in my opinion this makes it more of a keepsake. I will definitely be getting the blue Mascot Rainbow t-shirt and possibly the hooded sweatshirt in navy for Ben. This range will be available from the end of July 2011 and is priced from £10 - £55.

Olympics Kids range - Rainbow collection (age 3-6)
Olympics Kids range - Champions collection (age 6-12)
The adidas Originals Kids range was also on display with the classic three stripes and adidas logo. I really liked some of the plain hoodie sweatshirts and the classic trainers as did my husband who was so inspired we had to go buy him a pair of adult ones on the way home. I may have to find a little matching pair in Ben's size so he can be just like Daddy ;).

Now for Ben's verdict. He made sure he had a good look around the showroom and was instantly drawn to the Cars trainers (which he was lucky enough to get a present of) and the Mickey Mouse ones, he loves Mickey. It's clear that the Car 2 clothes are going to be a massive hit with kids and parents alike as will the Olympic 2012 range, in particular the Olympic t-shirts which I believe will be very popular.
Cars, Cars, Cars!!!
The highlight of Ben's day was getting to meet Wenlock and Mandeville although it did prove tricky to get a picture with them as he was so in awe he kept running from one to the other to shake hands, tickle them and give them hugs as did most of the other kids there. It was definitely a very special experience for him and his Wenlock teddy is now one of his prized possessions. We left the event with Ben clutching a balloon giraffe in one hand and a dog in the other while wearing a balloon hat thanks to the talented balloon sculptors. Ben was clearly disappointed we were on our way home and kept saying 'Back Again, Cars, Back Again!'.
Ben just a little starstruck!
A great event and a big thanks goes to all involved in arranging it. I can honestly say that the adidas AW11 ranges are excellent. Both my husband and I agreed that we saw a lot of items which we think would look great on Ben and we will be getting. The fact that Ben fell asleep with his new Cars baseball cap on and is still refusing to take it off today gives it his seal of approval as well!

I'm not sure Ben will ever take his Cars hat off...


Reza said...

This looks like great fun!

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Margaret Allmark said...

It was a great event and I can honestly say the adidas AW11 range are fantastic - loving the Car 2 stuff for Ben!

Margaret Allmark said...

It was a great event and I can honestly say the adidas AW11 range are fantastic - loving the Car 2 stuff for Ben!

Mamaloveslondon said...

Sounds Brilliant. My two love cars. They are going to see the movie on Sunday! Can't wait. Great Blog.


Margaret Allmark said...

Cars is perfect for little boys - Ben can't get enough of anything with wheels..
Thank you for following my blog as well!

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