Monday, 20 June 2011

Who needs sleep anyway...

Ben's sleep patterns have gone crazy over the last few weeks. His daytime nap has gotten shorter and never at the same time. The days when I could pop him in his stroller and bank on him nodding off are well and truly in the past. Now he just wants to chat about everything he sees. He gets very excited about trains, cars, trucks and buses as well as dogs, cats and birds so you see there are a lot of distractions when we go out and this little toddler doesn't want to miss a thing.

So it's 2.40 am now and my little man is just about asleep again after a few failed attempts to move him to bed and well, I'm gone past tiredness and although I know I'm going to be knackered in the morning I also know I have a fun-filled day exploring the world through my little monkeys eyes ahead of me and that makes me very happy. There will no doubt be much coffee required to keep up with him, days like this I'm thankful for our Nespresso machine (a must have machine for any parent if you ask me) :).


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