Thursday, 23 June 2011

Tantrums & Tears - please say it's not the Terrible Twos

Today was tantrum central. It didn't help that Ben is teething, it was raining and we had to wait inside for a delivery. It was one of those days where toys were sent flying (mostly at me or the dog), everything dangerous was a climbing frame and the words 'no' or 'stop' invoked uncontrollable big fat tears. We got through it though with lots of distractions via emptying the cupboards of pots and pretend cooking (a current obsession), iPad games, Winnie the Pooh, train track building, drawing, hide & seek and the odd treat here and there.

I do hope this is teething related and not the early onset of the terrible twos. I keep telling myself that the terrible twos must be a myth. However I fear I may be in denial and will have to face up to it soon. Therefore my question is for all of you out there who have been through this stage with your little ones - Is it real? Does the 'terrible twos' really exist? And if so do you have any tips or advice you'd like to share? But be gentle, remember I'm still in denial that such a phase actually exists ;).

Yay for Pooh providing some distraction from the tears today :)


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