Friday, 24 June 2011

Review of the Little Charley Bear iPad / iPhone app

Anyone who is familiar with my blog will know that Ben, who is 21 months, is a huge iPad and iPhone fan and as he also loves Little Charley Bear I was only too happy to help when Jacqui (Mummy's Little Monkey) was looking for volunteers to review the Little Charley Bear app.

This app will definitely be a big hit with Little Charley Bear fans who will recognise the music and clips are from the television show and the familiar voice of Little Charley Bear, narrated by James Corden, along with the other characters including Midge, Rivet, Nibblit, Caramel, Bellarina and Frozo who feature throughout. Indeed Ben got very excited when I loaded it for him and he heard the familiar 'Are you there Charley Bear?' and Charley appeared on screen.

First you get to choose between joining Little Charley Bear on one of four different adventures by selecting a theme from one of the following four: Up Up and Away! - flying a plane, Safari - on safari in the jungle, Racing - racing cars at the race track and Circus - having fun at the circus. Once a theme is selected a clip is played and then you have to successfully match Charley's props by dragging and dropping each one onto the correct place. Ben soon got the hang of the matching game and enjoyed it getting faster each time we played. When everything is matched correctly you select the arrow to play a clip which sees Charley on his relevant adventure. Ben, a big fan of cars liked the racing one best and said 'Vroom vroom Charley!' quite a lot :). The good news is there will also be regular updates with plans to release a further six themes which is something to look forward to!

My only negative is that I would have preferred if you could select a theme by tapping on it once rather than double clicking. I found that Ben didn't understand that he had to double-click and I had to do it for him at first. This is probably because most of the apps on the iPhone and iPad which he uses just require you to tap once to select and in my opinion it might make navigation easier for kids (and adults too ;). Also, perhaps the matching game could be varied to include colour matching or counting in future releases to make it more interesting and even more educational.

Overall Ben seemed to enjoy playing with this app and joining Little Charley Bear on his adventures. It kept his attention which is a very good sign as Ben is prone to quitting out of apps quickly and loading the ones he wants!

The app, built by Studio Liddell is free to download from the app store. It is available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. We tried both the iPad and iPhone versions and the app performs really well on both.

I highly recommend you download this if you have a Little Charley Bear fan as they will thoroughly enjoy joining him on his adventures!


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