Tuesday, 21 June 2011

My favourite Baby Item this week : Scootababy Carrier

I have decided to do a post a week on my favourite baby item and to start off with it's my Scootababy Carrier. I purchased this just under a year ago when Ben (now 21 months) was getting a bit too big for his Baby Bjorn carrier and I have to say it has been fantastic.

Living in London it's not always easy to get around with a buggy as most tube stations have a lot of steps in and out therefore a good carrier was a definite must have for me! While the Baby Bjorn was fantastic and I used it so much in the first 10 months or so Ben just simply grew out of it. I needed something which would allow him to sit on my hip and give support while letting me have my hands free. The Scootababy was the ideal solution. There are three different positions you can use including front, back and hip but I have only used it on my hip and you can see them all on the website if you're interested. It's very easy to put on as it has a clip on the waist belt and an adjustable strap that is very comfortable on your shoulder which you put over your head and then you pop your baby in to position. It folds up really small as well which means it's great for holidays or to bring with you when you're nipping to the shops in the car.

Most importantly Ben loves it as it lets him see everything about him and chat away happily, he is so comfortable in it that he has been known to fall asleep on many occasions including our trip into central London to watch the Royal Wedding :).


LatteMama said...

Great review. Do you know what the weight limit on it is?I have a 23 month old but he's both tall and weighs  above average! eh actually broke the stroller so Im looking for a different way to get around with. thanks

Mummy's Space said...

Thank you :). According to the Scootababy site
http://www.scootababy.com/faq.php  "The Scootababy can be safely used
for babies up to 37 lbs."

My son is now 27 months and I'm still using it. It really does
distribute the weight really well and make it easier for carrying him
about. We spent Saturday wandering about London with Ben in the carrier -
he even had a sleep in it and it was fine - there's no way I could
carry him that long without it. I'd definitely recommend it. I know slumber-roo who I bought mine from hire them out if you wanted to try one out first http://slumber-roo.co.uk/hire

Hope that helps!

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