Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Just another day with my little toddler

Today we had crazy giggling, big fat tears, excited squeals and now some napping - it's just been another day with my precious little boy.

Ben woke up, looked at me, said 'Hi Mama!', then 'jump, jump' and off he was bouncing away until he caught sight of the iPad on charge and said 'Puppy' (referring to Ben, the talking dog app). Next we had tears and tantrums because he couldn't play with 'Puppy'. I eventually distracted him by convincing him to go and look for Coco our chihuahua. Poor Coco didn't know what hit her when Ben came charging at her, laughing, arms open to give her a hug. She escaped and hid under the table as soon as she could to Ben's disappointment. Luckily breakfast was enough to avert his attention and he had lots of 'nom nom' and 'Ta Ta Mama' to say.

Later on in the day after he 'helped' me vacuuming and other daily chores, Ben decided it was time to go out on his trike and see the 'choo-choo trains'. The boy gets so excited by the trains it's very funny. He points, waves, legs and arms excitedly flying everywhere and shouts loudly 'Hi Choo-choo traaaaiiinnn!'. Today a few of the train drivers waved back and one even blew the horn - Ben could not contain himself. Now I bet you can imagine what happened when it was time to go in. Yes, a massive tantrum. He was off his trike at this point and holding my hand whilst I was juggling the trike and shopping bags. He was doing everything in his power to get out of my grasp and back to the trains eventually flinging himself on the grass in front of my neighbours who stood there watching. I hate those moments. So I picked him up and balancing everything else took him home still crying and saying 'more choo-choo!'.

Next he had to help me with the tea, grabbing the 'big pan' and asking for the 'big 'poon' and 'herbies' - he loves to pretend to cook. It was gone 5pm now and he was clearly getting tired so started demanding 'twotwo' which is what he says when he wants a feed. We sat down, he fed and is now still napping. My hubby is home and I have a glass of wine preparing for when the energised toddler wakes up. Wish me luck!


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