Thursday, 25 November 2010

Review of CBeebies Song Time CD

I was delighted when asked to review CBeebies Song Time as it combines two things Ben enjoys - music and his favourite TV shows. Song Time is a 2CD album which has 50 tracks from CBeebies shows.

Ben absolutely loved it and danced along to all his favourite songs in particular ZingZillas, Timmy Time, Numberjacks, 3rd and Bird and Chugginton. What I liked about it was Ben's reaction to the songs he recognised. When Ben hears music he likes his hands start going like he is conducting an orchestra and he dances - this happened lots when I played the CDs so they definitely got his approval! It was also great to play while in the car as it kept Ben entertained while he bopped along in the backseat. The only downside is I found I had the Timmy Time and 3rd & Bird themes stuck in my head and kept humming them - they are some seriously catchy tunes!

I would definitely recommend Song Time to anyone who has kids that watch CBeebies, if they are anything like Ben they will love it!

The CBeebies Song Time Album is available to buy now from various retailers including Amazon and for around £8.95 and is sure to make a great stocking filler!


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