Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The countdown to the big 1st Birthday!

Bens' first birthday is fast approaching with just 3 more sleeps to go! Where did the year go? It's been a busy one that's for sure!
This time last year was such an exciting but oh so scary time. I was pretty clueless about all things baby but have got to say it all came naturally and I totally love love love being Bens' Mummy. He's the most amazing little boy, absolutely full of personality and amazes me and his Daddy all the time!
My favourite things at the moment:
- The way he does a little zig zag dance and looks ever so cute.
- His love of animals and how he plays with Coco the chihuahua and teases her with toys and food while screaming with laughter.
- How he babbles away telling us big stories with such expressiveness.
- When he bursts into fits of laughter in his sleep.
- The way he squeals with delight when he's on the swing in the park.
- The way he climbs up on the sofa with such determination.
- How he plays with 'his apps' on my iPhone and has clear favourites.
- How he has taken to Baby Led Weaning which makes mealtimes such an enjoyable and fun experience.
But most of all I love it when he sees me and smiles his big smile and speedily makes his way over. I love my little son and still can't believe how lucky we are to have such a wonderful perfect baby!


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