Saturday, 18 August 2018

L.O.L Surprise Biggie Pets Review

Zoey is a huge L.O.L fan so I knew the new L.O.L Surprise Biggie Pet M.C. Hammy we were sent to review would be a huge hit with her. If you have a L.O.L toys fan, I can pretty much guarantee they will go nuts for these super-sized L.O.L Biggie Pets.

Biggie is Best!

The L.O.L Surprise Biggie Pets definitely live up to their name as they are bigger and packed full of over 15+ surprises including accessories for both you and your pet and more. There are four different pets to collect in the range including M.C. Hammy, Dollmation, Hop Hop Bunny and Neon Kitty who is exclusive and "ultra rawr".

Part of the Eye Spy range, they come with special spy glasses which let you read hidden messages. The funky spy glasses fit your pet too and they definitely complete MC Hammy's super cool look. What kid doesn't love the idea of glasses which decode messages? Just check out the teaser on the packaging below.

Endless Surprises

These pets come in a translucent "biggie" L.O.L ball which is good as it lets you pick your pet meaning no risk of duplicates which gets parent points from me given the size and price of them. The ball itself can be used as a pet carrier and comes with a handle which you attach to the ball. I should mention this handle also doubles up as a necklace which you can wear if preferred.

Opening the ball is simple, just twist it until the arrows line up and reveal your biggie pet inside. We were sent the very cool M.C. Hammy who is not only an adorable little pet but a piggie bank or possibly the cutest backpack ever as it comes with straps that can be attached.

The Biggie Pet comes with a Baby Reveal card which you use the spy glasses to decode and discover which species you have. Next comes the fun bit, opening up your biggie pet and discovering all the surprises that are hidden inside including wear-and-share accessories and more. You need your special spy glasses to reveal hidden messages for this. There is lots of excitement revealing whether you will get 2 or 3 babies or perhaps food babies.

The babies come in little containers filled with kinetic sand which you have to dig out using the spade. It can be a bit messy so we did it on a tray at the kitchen table but it makes for a very fun activity and adds to the whole element of surprise. The babies and food babies are really cute and it is fun checking what special abilities they have such as colour change using iced or warm water.

Our Verdict

This is by far the biggest L.O.L Surprise we have had to date. It was so much to unwrap and reveal everything and the surprises really did go on and on. We love the Eye Spy element to these Biggie Pets, the kids had a lot of fun wearing the glasses and decoding the special messages and jokes. The wear and share aspect of the accessories is a nice feature, especially the charms which you can attach to the necklace with hooks. There is fun play to be had with the wishbone and the fortune teller heart spinner which is a big hit. This L.O.L ball is definitely packed with a 'biggie' amount of surprises and would make an awesome birthday present or one to added to your L.O.L fan's Christmas list.

Where to Buy

L.O.L Surprise Biggie Pets are available to buy from Smyths Toys and Amazon priced at £36.99 and are suitable for ages 3+ years.

*Disclaimer: I was sent a L.O.L Surprise Bissie Pet to review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased. 

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Crate Creatures Surprise Review

We were recently sent a very special package which came with the following warning.

Needless to say, I couldn't resist pulling his tongue. So here he is, none other than a Crate Creatures Surprise called Sizzle.

These ferocious new friends are truly awesome. I love that they come in their own little crate, ready to be unboxed. These toys are oozing personality with their grizzly exterior of ferocious fuzz, squirting snot, glowing eyes and growling noises. The good news is they are big softies really and endear themselves to you and all who encounter them.

Crate Creatures Unboxed

So what exactly are Crate Creatures Surprise and where do they come from? The story goes that these little guys were lured into crates using their favourite treats and the only way to release them is to crank out the crowbar and unlock the crate.

There are four different Crate Creature Surprise characters in the range including Blizz, Pudge, Snorthog and Sizzle. Each little beastie comes with a favourite tasty snack of their choice and they all make over 45 ghastly noises in response to various actions such as feeding them which leads to chomping, chewing sounds. The part that my three kids love the most though, is their ability to record your voice and repeat it back monster-style.

Meet Sizzle

Sizzle is a fire-breathing dragon with a temper to match. Green in colour with a crazy fuzzy orange beard, horns, spiky teeth and sticking out tongue he makes quite a first impression.
I decided to leave the Crate Creature on the lounge floor waiting to be discovered by the kids which added to the excitement. Of course, like me, they ignored the warning and pulled Sizzle's tongue immediately, Zoey jumped and the boys laughed. They quickly figured out that they needed to use the crowbar to smash him out of his crate and out Sizzle popped.

I like this idea of reusable packaging, it makes a nice change from me having to wrestle with plastic packaging and twisty wire while impatient little people wait to get their hands on the toy inside. Plus it is the perfect place to pop Sizzle back in to keep him quiet when playtime is done for the day.

The kids quickly figured out the features from the packaging and decided to try feeding Sizzle his marshmallow snack which had everyone in fits of giggles at his slobbery chewing noises. Then it was time to test out another feature by squeezing his tail which made his wings flap, our little Sizzle was coming more lifelike by the second. All the sounds this little guy makes whether he is upside down, knocked over or lying down are hilarious and seemingly endless. Between his incomprehensible gibberish and roars, not to mention his frenzied shaking with rage, he is a little bundle of personality. The kids loved taking turns pressing his tummy and recording their own messages which he roared back scary-monster-style. Perhaps when I get fed up of asking them to wash their teeth for the eleven-millionth time I should just grab Sizzle and let him scare them into action.

Where to Buy

Crate Creatures Surprise (RRP £39.99) are available to purchase from Smyths Toys and are suitable for ages 3+.

My kids love Sizzle so much they want to get him a buddy, Zoey loves the look of Blizz, the ice monster and the boys like the look of Snorthog. Why do I get the feeling we may have requests for the whole collection by Christmas?

*Disclaimer: I was sent a Crate Creature Surprise for review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased. 

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Vampirina Bootastic Backpack and Spooky Figure Set Review

The twins have been having a lot of fun putting the latest Disney Junior Vampirina toys from Flair to the test this week. Zoey is definitely batty about the Vampirina Bootastic Backpack and Zachary is loving the Spooky Scooter Figure Set which we were sent to review. 

Vampirina Bootastic Backpack

The Vampirina Bootastic Backpack is just like the one Vee has in the show which makes it perfect for fans. It comes with lots of fang-tastic accessories which include a light-up necklace with sounds, web effect pink glasses, bat-wing hair clips, stickers, keychain and the awesome backpack itself.

The accessories are all very well designed and therefore super effective for transforming your little one into Vampirina. Everything is made of high quality materials and easy to wear which earns them massive mummy points from me. Zoey has insisted on wearing her bat-wing hairclips every day this week and all I have to do is pop her hair in bunches and clip them in. Amazingly, they actually stay put for the rest of the day.

She also loves the light-up talking necklace with phrases from the show and the backpack itself is rarely off her shoulder.  All the accessories fit into the backpack when not in use and it is big enough to fit additional prized possessions too. Zoey puts the Spooky Scooter Set figures in hers along with a pack of colouring pens and her notebook.

Spooky Scooter Figure Set - Poppy and Wolfie

We were also sent the Spooky Scooter Figure Set which comes with a 3.5" Poppy figure, Wolfie figure, scooter, and skateboard. Again, these toys are really great quality and built to stand lots of play. Poppy features articulated arms, head and waist and wears a helmet that matches her scooter. Poppy can really ride her scooter just like in the show. Wolfie also comes with a skateboard that can attach to Poppy's scooter so they can ride together which the twins love.

Zachary has been playing a lot with these figures this week. He is very imaginative and loves recreating stories from the show and coming up with his own so this figure set has inspired a whole heap of adventures which I love to see.

In addition to Poppy and Wolfie, you will find a Vampirina and Gregoria Spooky Scooter Set. The good news is both sets work together, so you can mix and match scooters, skateboards and figures for endless hours of spooktacular fun.

Inspiring Friendships

In the Disney Junior show, Vampirina is a little girl who moves from Transylvania to Pennsylvania. The show deals with starting a new school and friendships so is perfect if you have a little one who is about to start school or is anxious about returning after the summer break. I can't help but think what a great gift this backpack or the Figure sets would make to encourage friendships just like in the show. 

Where to Buy

The Vampirina Bootastic Backpack (RRP £24.99) and Spooky Scooter Figure Set (RRP £11.99) is available to buy from all the usual toy retailers including Smyths and online from Amazon.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Guest Post: 7 Tips on How to Make a Small Nursery Feel Bigger

Usually, the minimal space inside the house is preferred as the nursery' and the area might look small once it's time for us to decorate. However, with these particular eight basic ideas, you possibly can make the baby's room look larger' easily.

Smaller sized rooms can certainly make a huge result, therefore rather than obtaining frustrated and then sensing that there are minimal options, see the glass being half full. Your infant actually doesn’t need to have lots of furnishings, this sets up some sensible suggestions as to what is actually important. If there isn’t place for something, then you certainly don’t need to have it in any means.

1. Colour Palettes

A basic pastel color on the wall structure is a superb option, however, it’s not the only solution in a very small space. In contrast to a typical idea, dark hues will not always render a room appear smaller. The truth is, you can render noticeable detail by painting on two opposite walls an in-depth color theme, just like blue, violet or simply green. Such awesome tones’ the hues of the sea, skies, as well as forest’ look to recede, presenting the area feel bigger. In case you want, concentrate on just one wall, anchoring it with a bold shade treatment that variances with the other three. A vibrant wall covering or perhaps wallpaper also acts as a perfect highlight to enlarge the room.

2. Furniture

The baby’s crib will probably be the biggest section of furniture in the nursery. I recommend choosing a crib with a smooth design’ something simple and then no-fuss without a cover or even any specific lavish things. Tidy lines let the vision to wander readily in the vicinity of the space, which makes it appear more spacious. Due to its smooth and then basic design, innovative furniture will work great when you’re facing minimal square footage.

3. Window Handlings

Make use of simple window handlings to get into the area. Ordinary blinds or even light-colored Roman tones with a customized valance are the ideal choices. Consider clinging the valance above the top of the window to help it become look taller as well as to elongate the overall space accordingly.

4. Flooring

Simple is advisable. You don’t need to emphasize the flooring in a compact room, therefore stay away from stressful designs and also choosy styles. Alternatively, decide on a wall-to-wall floor covering in a simple color along with a mild texture. Vinyl flooring is usually the ideal choice since it’s smooth enough to never demand the accessory of an area rug, that can break up space thereby making it look actually smaller.

5. Lighting

Work with natural light to your own benefit. You’ll be very impressed at exactly how a sun-filled window will make an area look bigger than it is actually. Inside the baby's room, path lighting will certainly reduce the requirements for lamps, which occupy visible space. Set up a dimmer switch to help you manage the glow of the room.

6. Distinct Touches

Maintain stuff to a minimum. There’s no reason to top each part of items with lots of toys, stuffed pets, and also tchotchkes that provide certainly no other reason compared to mess up the area. Mirrors are an amazing functional option in a compact room. Apart from providing the impression of a lot more space, they reveal light along with the fantastic exterior once positioned opposing a window. They’ll access the overall room and then generate twice the natural light, creating the baby's room appear open and airy. On top of that, infants feel happy to notice their reflections.

7.  Storage

This is exactly the most important note with regards to beautifying a little space. You will need all the storage you can find, for the reason that if things are unseen, they can’t cause image bombard. A baby crib skirt can supply a screen for a variety of materials. Keep much less commonly used things beneath the crib’ your in-depth stash of diapers, for example’ where they’ll keep on being covered by attractive fabric. It’s likewise an awesome spot to keep away plastic storage containers which can be stuffed with toys, blankets, or even baby garments that don’t thus far fit. On the other hand, try to find a crib which has shelves beneath it or perhaps look for a bench that doubles like a toy chest. To enlarge the floor area and also access the room, re-assess baby’s cabinet. Dispose the door and then manage it as an alcove for your altering desk or even dresser. Otherwise, remove the clinging rod and then set up floor-to-ceiling compartments.

In reality, the dimensions of the baby room are focused on your own point of view. Rather than considering it as little, value it for it is compactness, convenience and also relaxation. Just in case it’s a setting wherein the baby is comfortable and then joyful, it’s the ideal size and area.

*Disclaimer: This is a guest post in collaboration with Flooring Superstore. 

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Smashy Mashy Pets Series 1 Review

The current squishy craze isn't just for girls with the arrival of Smashy Mashy Pets. A brand new collectible range that will appeal to lovers of all things gross whilst also giving boys the chance to get in on the slow-rise squishy foam action. The very cool thing about these Smashy Mashy Pets is the slime reveal canisters they come in.

Who are the Smashy Mashy Pets

Smashy Mashy Pets hail from Smooshville where the Smooshy Mushys also live, except they are from the grungy part of town where they frequent an underground cafe. The story goes that they came into contact with toxic nachos which changed their lives forever and left them fleeing from a Government run research facility and trying to blend into normal everyday life.   

Inside the Pack

My boys, along with their very girly sister, were instantly impressed when they saw the slime-filled canisters which had surprises hidden inside. Needless to say, they couldn't wait to get them open. Inside you will find a grosser slow-rise foam squishy character, a mystery mate, sticker, name tag and 2 chains. Unlike the yummy scent of the girly Smooshy Mushys, these have a bit of a stink about them. 

Our Verdict

The Smashy Mashy Pets had instant appeal thanks to their packaging and the oozy slime reveal was so much fun to watch. What kid doesn't like the combination of slime and squishy toys? The excitement of opening up the blind packs was huge and the kids loved the funky looking characters inside. The boys always love playing with their sisters' squishy toys so were over the moon to have boy ones of their own. 

The story behind where the Smashy Mashy pets originate from definitely captured the kids' imaginations and I love that it brings both the girls Smooshy Mushy and boys Smashy Mashy collectibles together. 

There are six different pets in the range including a rare mystic cat. The canister is reusable so you can pop all the bits back in to keep them stored safely. I have to say the "toxic" canister itself with its super strength powers is getting just as much play time as the squishy inside so it is pretty genius. 

Where to Buy

Smashy Mashy Pets Series 1 are available to buy from all the usual toy retailers and online from Amazon with an RRP of £9.99 and are suitable for ages 4+ years.