Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Bizzy Bitz Building Fun

My children love building and spend a good portion of every day making crazy constructions out of various forms of blocks, bricks and magnets therefore I was curious to see how they would get on with Bizzy Bitz which can best be described as a treasure chest full of brightly coloured plastic shapes and pieces which slot and clip together to make the most amazing creations.

The set also comes with a number of ideas booklets which show just what can be done with Bizzy Bitz and believe me the possibilities are pretty much endless. There are instructions on how to make trains, dumper trucks, swings, musical instruments and little people to name but a few.

This Bizzy Bitz 350 pcs Builder Set

We were sent the Bizzy Bitz 350 pcs builder set which includes square tiles, round tiles, triangles, rectangles, rods (two sizes), curves, quadrants, cogs, wheels, windows and smiley faces. I was seriously impressed by the range of shapes and pieces which give children countless opportunities to experiment and explore as they open their mind to a world of creative possibilities. It is so easy to get building especially if you take your initial inspiration from the ideas booklets which definitely sets you on a very productive, creative track. 

To quote the website, "Bizzy Bitz is unique, easy to use and provides endless hours of versatile 3 dimensional creative play and is fantastic fun for all ages. They are great fun for children and adults to play together. Create impressive model masterpieces with the instructions included, or let your imagination run free and build your own amazing creations!". This is a perfect description of the set. I love the fact you can put working wheels and moving parts such as the dumper on a dumper truck. 

Our Verdict

This set  that we were sent is suited to children ages 4 - 9 yrs. I disagree with the 9 year age cap as I would happily play with it at my age. It is a wonderful creative construction toy which supports key developmental needs and has educational benefits through fun play. One if not all of my three children have been playing at some stage everyday with Bizzy Bitz since the set arrived. We have had trains, helicopters, flying cars, mind control necklaces (don't ask), babies in cots, rockets and more. I love watching the new and inventive creations they have been coming up with and I especially love seeing the teamwork when they build things together.

It has to be said the name Bizzy Bitz is well chosen as this box of Bitz is guaranteed to keep kids busy, as you can probably guess from this post, it certainly has kept my three busy. I can without doubt recommend Bizzy Bitz for children of all ages, it's a great one to add to the Christmas lists which the kids will still be playing with long after the festivities are over

*Disclaimer: I was sent Bizzy Bitz 350 pc set to review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased. 

Monday, 9 November 2015

Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters – Season 3 Giveaway & Review

Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters – The Complete Season Three smashes its way onto shelves from today, 9th November and the good news is that you are in with a chance of winning your very own competition in my giveaway. 

The latest Transformers Prime Action

Explosive action lands with an almighty crash this winter when you can take home all thirteen episodes of Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters – The Complete Season Three including all the unmissable exhilaration of Battle for Darkmount, Race for Salvation and the full length movie Predacons Rising.

Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters – Battle for Darkmount
This explosive season begins immediately following the shocking cliffhanger of the monstrous war on earth between the Autobots and Decepticons. An heroic Optimus Prime sacrificed his own safety to ensure the escape of his army, but the Autobot base has been thrown into ruin. Now the only chance of survival is for the Autobots and humans to work together to defeat a common foe, protect their homelands and overthrow Megatron’s tyrannous regime once and for all.

Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters – Race for Salvation
In this volume, the Decepticons battle the Autobots for control of fossilized Predacon bones. The Decepticons plan to use the bones to clone a nation of savage Predacons and unleash fear and terror onto the earth. Will the Autobots be able to defeat their arch rivals in time and save our planet?

Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters – Predacons Rising
The Autobots hit a whole army of problems when Megatron and his Decepticons destroy their base, scattering the team and when Shockwave becomes the brand new Decepticon weapon will it prove too much for the Autobots to face?
With one more powerful weapon against them is this the time that Optimus Prime and the gang will fail to save the Autobots? Will this be the end for planet Earth?


I have a copy of Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters – The Complete Season Three up for grabs. Entry is easy, just follow the Rafflecopter instructions below. Good Luck! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway
*Disclaimer: I received a copy of Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters – The Complete Season Three for review and another for giveaway. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased.

Monday, 2 November 2015

It's Schleich Dinosaur Time

Ben and the twins love playing together with dinosaurs so they were very pleased when two new Schleich dinosaurs arrived for review. We were sent a Brachiousaurus and a Spinosaurus from the impressive range which you can find here http://www.schleich-s.com/en/GB/toys/prehistoric_animals/. I have to say I love Schleich models, their quality is really second to none when it comes to models such as these. 

Dinosaur Detail
The dinosaurs are awesome with lots of details and very sturdy to withstand the most boisterous play ever, and believe me, my children have definitely put them to the test when it comes to the robustness factor. Some of the dinosaurs have moving jaws and jointed legs and arms that are perfect for pretend stomping and thrashing about. The level of detail is definitely impressive. 

Our Verdict
Ben and the twins love the dinosaurs, as do I. It was really interesting looking them up on the Schleich site and learning about where they originate from and information like how big their arms and legs were and what they ate or how they protected themselves etc. For instance did you know a Spinosaurus is a dinosaur with a crocodile-like head who mainly ate fish and carrion and could group up to seventeen metres tall? I certainly didn't. These toys are not just winners when it comes to how cool they look but also educationally as they make learning fun. A perfect choice for any dinosaur loving fan. 

* Disclaimer: I received two Schleich dinosaurs in exchange for a review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased. 

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Old El Paso Stand 'N' Stuff Taco Time

I have to admit I was quite excited to try Old El Paso Stand 'N' Stuff range and see how the whole family would react. I knew my husband would like them, as we both love Mexican food, and the twins would enjoy the whole food in a taco bowl but I wasn't so sure what the the fussiest eater, Ben aged 6, would think of them. Ben has recently decided he doesn't like minced beef all that much so it was going to be a big test for the Tacos.


The Kit

We were sent the Smoky BBQ Stand 'N' Stuff Soft Taco Kit which contains a seasoning mix, Salsa pack and eight unique flat-bottomed shaped flour tortillas which are perfect for kids as you just stand them on your plate and fill them with your chosen toppings and they are so easy for little hands to pick up and eat with a whole lot less mess! 

The Prep

Preparing the Tacos is easy and a great time saver for busy nights. You simply heat up the minced beef, adding peppers or onions if you like - I added peppers. Drain the mince. Add the seasoning, mix it through first and then add 50ml of cold water. Bring to the boil and then leave it to simmer for 10 minutes. If you are heating your tortillas in the over pop them in on a baking tray and cover in foil while the taco mix is simmering or alternatively you can heat them quickly in the microwave. Finally start stuffing your tortillas with your choice of toppings and enjoy!

Our Verdict

Along with the Taco kit I served a selection of toppings including rice, a mixed bean salad, sliced tomatoes and peppers and grated cheese. 

Everyone really enjoyed them, Ben asked for seconds which was a salute to how tasty they are, I am delighted I have actually found a minced beef meal Ben will eat without having to tailor and disguise it differently for my little fussy eater. The twins loved their tortilla bowls and asked for spoons to eat some of the filling before munching on the bowl itself which they found amusing. Hubby and I definitely gave them our seal of approval too. They are tasty and a great easy to make week night treat which I will definitely be doing again.

The Taco Kits come in three different varieties including Smoky BBQ, Extra Mild Super Tasty and Garlic and Paprika and are available to purchase from all major supermarkets with an RRP of £3.79. You can also buy the Stand 'N' Stuff Tortillas on their own and these have an RRP of £1.89.

*Disclaimer: I was sent the Smoky BBQ Stand 'N' Stuff Soft Taco Kit for free in exchange for a review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Say Hello to Our Xeno Koopies Monster

We have a new little monster in our house, a little Xeno Koopies who we have called Boo and who has been the source of much fun and laughter since his arrival. This little green monster is full of personality and loves to interact and play with us. It cracks me up how he reacts to things like different music when you play it for him, he clearly likes or dislikes certain tunes and definitely makes himself known when he doesn't.

Playtime Fun with Xeno Koopies

Xeno Koopies have six interactive touch sensors and make over seventy different sounds along with having cool glow in the dark wobbly eyes and very tactile, stretchy spikes. The kids love giving Boo their fingers or random objects to eat such as Lego which he happily munches on, making eating sounds however he can get a little rude at times and is prone to breaking wind or burping (oops!). 

You can pull his ears and tail (just be careful not to pull the spikes off like Zachary did with one of his ears). You can squeeze his cheeks and body by pushing both sides too to hear him react. He likes to roll about and wobble on the floor or be bounced from hand to hand.  You will also find that if you switch him on and ignore him for a few minutes he will try to get your attention, if you continue to ignore him he will go to sleep.  He does have a sensitive side too though and gets very scared is he is shouted at which Ben found out upon shouting quite loudly at him. Our little Xeno Koopies Boo definitely has a lot of personality which is great for keeping the kids engaged and playing with him.

Another cool thing about Xeno Koopies is that they can also talk and react to other Xeno Koopies and friends and there is even a free app available to download from iTunes and Google Play, the android Stores which makes noises that they can react to while you play which has some added fun. Xeno Koopies are available to purchase from all the usual toy retailers like Smyths Toys and Argos and online from Amazon.

*Disclaimer: I received a Xeno Koopies for free in exchange for a review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased.