Wednesday, 24 April 2019

6 Homemade Gifts For Dad This Father's Day

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

When it comes to Father's Day it can be hard to know what the perfect gift is. Whether you're Dad has it all or you're struggling for inspiration, you have definitely come to the right place. One of the best ways to ensure you're Dad is getting a gift they have never received before it to handmake it, as you know it's something that won't be available in any store. With that in mind, here are 6 homemade gifts you could make your Dad this Father's Day:

A Handmade Photo Frame Or Photo Album

With most people spending time on their smartphones, it's not very often people have their photographs printed anymore. If you're Dad loves to take photos but you know they're all kept on his phone, printing out some of his favourites and putting them in a hand decorated photo frame or photo album could be the perfect gift. For inspiration when it comes to creating your own photo album, you can visit this site here.

Handmade Toiletries And Cosmetics

Although you may think that toiletries and cosmetics are more likely to be a Mother's Day gift, there are lots of things you can make that are perfect for men too. Whether it's a bath bomb that smells like their favourite aftershave or a unique homemade shaving foam, you could make absolutely anything. If you're feeling really adventurous, why not make an entire basket filled with pampering products? Your Dad will love the effort you've gone to!

A Hand Decorated Beer Or Wine Glass 

 Depending on what your Dad's favourite drink is, why not make them their own personal hand decorated beer or wine glass? Think about the different things you can decorate it with in order to make it personal to them - whether it's their name of the football team they support. For tips and drinks when it comes to making decorative drinks glasses, you can visit this site here. 

A Handmade Gift Voucher To Buy The Perfect Gift 

 Okay, this might be cheating a little bit but if you're stuck for ideas for gifts for dad and you want them to be able to choose their own perfect gift, creating a handmade gift voucher will allow them to buy anything they want. Creating your own voucher gives you a chance to be creative, as well as a chance to think about what stores they may want to shop in. 

A Handmade Personalised Phone Or Tablet Case 

If your Dad uses their phone or tablet a lot, you may want to consider creating a personalised phone or tablet case for them. Whilst you can buy in blank ones and decorate them yourselves, there are lots of ways to get personalised cases online. Whether you want to have a quote, an image or their name printed onto the case, these personalisation sites will pretty much let you have complete creative control. If you're stuck for ideas, they'll also have templates you can also personalise. 

A Handmade Wallet 

Finally, if you're feeling extra creative and you want to put your skills to the test, why not create a handmade wallet? Depending on what material you're using to create your wallet you can go for a wide range of different designs, decorating either the inside or the front however you wish. It's definitely a more complicated task to do, but it will be something your Dad can use every single day. 

Are you looking for the perfect Father's Day gift? What could you make for your Dad this year? Let me know in the comments section below.

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Monday, 4 March 2019

Ravensburger Children's World Map 3D Puzzle Review

Zachary, my little puzzler, was very excited when he saw the Ravensburger Children's World Map 3D Puzzle and couldn't wait to discover how a puzzle could form a 3D shape. I have to admit I was with him on this one hence the box was opened within seconds and we were on our way.

Building the World

This was our first 3D puzzle so I was looking forward to finding out how the pieces would actually fit together to create the shape. It turns out it is a very clever design, the 180 plastic pieces are curved to form a perfect sphere once assembled with absolutely no glue required. To ensure you get everything in the right place, each piece is numbered on the back and when you are finished, hey presto you have a 20cm puzzle ball which is ready to display on its very own stand. I just love how the globe brings the world to life with its colourful illustrations, it is a fantastic way for children to explore the world.

Our Verdict

We had a lot of fun building the Ravensburger Children's World Map 3D Puzzle, once we figured out how to start assembling the pieces, Zachary was on a roll and raced to get it finished. 

The assembly stand is very cool and the perfect way to display and use your globe. The kids loved retracing their travels around the world and finding different countries along the way. 

The great thing is you can take it apart and rebuild it all again as many times as you like. If you have competitive kids like mine you may find they enjoy timing themselves to see who is the quickest. It makes a perfect gift for kids who like puzzles, it tests their jigsaw skills while having the added bonus of being eductional and improving their geography knowledge in a fun and challenging way. 

Where To Buy

The Ravensburger Children's World Map 3D Puzzle is available to purchase from Amazon and all the usual toys retailers. It has an RRP of £19.99 and is suitable for ages 7+ years. 

Saturday, 2 March 2019

Teeny Tiny Toes - Interactive Dolls Who Just Love Tickles!

We were recently sent two Teeny Tiny Toes interactive dolls to review and wow, have they been a hit not just with Zoey, but with her twin brother Zachary too. These super cute baby dolls are tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand and just love to play. We were sent Gigglin' Gabby who is dressed in a panda suit and has sparkly purple eyes and Unicorn Laughin' Luna who Zoey adores, show me a girl who isn't unicorn obsessed these days! Measuring just 11cm, they have quickly become Zoey's must bring everywhere toy.

Interactive Features

The very cool thing about Tiny Toes dolls is how they react to touch, motion and light. How does this magic happen you may ask? Well, they have seven sensors which are located on their feet, back, mouth, eyes and head which once activated lead to lots of fun reactions.

Zoey loves blowing her Teeny Toes doll kisses and playing peek-a-boo with them. They laugh hysterically when you tickle their toes so it is safe to say Gigglin' Gabby and Laughin' Luna are very aptly named, but do be prepared for some extra funny reactions if you tickle them in the wrong places. These dolls may be small but they are packed full of personality.

Our Verdict

Teeny Tiny Toes are so adorably cute it is hard not to love them. Just look at their big beautiful eyes and happy faces. They make you smile and go "aww" before you even discover just how much more is in store once play begins.

Their interactive features have been a big hit with my twins who raced each other to find all their reactions. It is very sweet to watch Zoey rocking her babies to sleep, she's like a little mini mummy taking care of them. It struck me how lifelike they appear once their eyes, head and arms begin to move. One warning though, be prepared for very contagious hysterical laughter once your child discovers how to make their Teeny Tiny Toes doll burp and dare I say it, toot! Despite pretending that I don't approve of all the burping and tooting, I don't think I've ever laughed so much at my kids' reaction while playing with a toy before.

Where to Buy

There are three different Teeny Tiny Toes dolls, Laughin' Luna for the unicorn fans out there, Ticklish Tess with her cute bunny ears and Gigglin' Gabby complete with panda beanie and are aimed at ages 4+. The dolls have an RRP of £14.99 and are available to purchase form Smyths, Amazon, Argos and the usual toy retailers. 

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

ZeroWater Filter Jug Review

There is no denying the benefits of drinking water and every January I promise myself this will be the year I up my intake. As we live in a hard water area, the tap water doesn't taste the best so unless I remember to buy bottled water my good intentions fade pretty quickly. 2019 has been different though thanks to my new secret weapon, the ZeroWater 12 cup filter jug. You may recognise it if you were watching How to Spend It Well at Christmas where Philip Scholfield demonstrated just how amazing it is by turning wine into water (yes, you did read that right). Here is the clip if you want to see for yourself.

Wha Makes the ZeroWater Filtration System Different? 

The ZeroWater filtration jug has been created to make drinking perfectly filtered water easier. ZeroWater is the only gravity-fed filtration system to match the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) levels found in purified bottled water, the result is great-tasting water, straight from the tap.

ZeroWater uses a 5-stage filtration system unlike all the other filter jugs currently available on the market. Did you know the average glass of tap water contains large amounts of lead, heavy metals, or chromium? The good news is ZeroWater removes 99.6% of all toxins.

The filter itself is like a plastic coffee cup that you screw into the jug which the water in the reservoir trickles through and the magic happens.

Putting ZeroWater Filtration to the Test

The ZeroWater jug comes with a TDS water quality tester which slots neatly into the lid. To see exactly what we were dealing with I decided to do a before reading of my tap water which came out at 3.05.

Now for the moment of truth, once through the filter, our first glass of water came out as an amazing 0.00 and it definitely tasted better.

 Design & Usability

The ZeroWater 12 cup filter jug is ultra-modern looking. It has a sealed lid and reservoir which allows filtered water to be poured while water which hasn’t yet been filtered remains in the reservoir. It also has a one-handed pull and pour dispenser spout which my kids love as it allows them to refill their own bottles and cups at the push of a button.

I keep our 12-cup filter jug on the kitchen counter as it is too big to fit in the fridge without a massive reorganisation of shelves, but the good news is if you are looking for a compact version that would fit in the fridge door there is a smaller 7 Cup version available. 


So has it worked? Have I upped my water intake? Yes, I have to say I have and I am not the only one in the family, the kids are definitely drinking more water too which may be due to the novelty of filling their own drinks using the dispenser. The water tastes great and the readings are consistently coming out at 0.00. I will be interested to see how long the filter lasts, based on the filter info on the ZeroWater site, our water falls just inside the exceptionally high contaminant level so we will get 30-55 litres before we need to change the filter. 

Would I recommend ZeroWater? Yes, definitely. If you want purified water, ready to drink at home then get yourself a ZeroWater jug and you will be well on your way to ensuring you are keeping hydrated and healthy.

Where to Buy

The ZeroWater range of jugs are available to purchase online here and can also be found on Amazon


Monday, 21 January 2019

Chasing Away Blue Monday

Today is Blue Monday, the day when Christmas and all the wonderful festive memories we made are supposed to be fading fast and everyone is feeling, well, a bit blue. It made me realise that I haven't actually shared all the wonderful fun we had over Christmas and New Year so here are some of my favourite pics.  Looking through them has definitely brightened up my day.

We had lots of cheeky Elf antics in December...

Breakfast with Santa at a local Wyevale garden centre, I thought Zoey would burst with excitement when she heard Santa was on his way.

Christmas morning was the best and we really did have a magical Christmas Day...

Over the break, the twins learned to rollerskate...

and Ben and Tuco went on many Pokemon hunting outings together.

Before we knew it, New Year's Eve was here. We always do a special balloon popping countdown, revealing an activity every hour in the ten leading up to midnight.

We played NYE Bingo, sang, danced, played party games and has so much family fun, it was just perfect. It was the first year ever all five of us were awake to ring in the new year which was awesome. Memories were definitely made.

 Now let's see what 2019 has in store for us, fingers crossed it will be a good one for one and all.