Friday, 11 May 2018

BRIO Builder Deluxe Set Review

When you think BRIO, trains and tracks more than likely spring to mind, but did you know they also do a fantastic BRIO Builder Deluxe Set? We were recently sent this set to review and it is fantastic, inspiring the most creative constructions I have ever seen my kids create.

Initially, I thought this was perfect for Zachary who has just turned 5 and loves pottering about building lego, doing puzzles and being generally imaginative when it comes to playing, but it turns out that this set is a huge hit with Ben, aged 8 and Zachary's twin sister Zoey too. I have loved seeing the kids sit together and work on wild and wonderful building projects with it.

Inside the Box

The BRIO Builder Deluxe Set comes in a handy storage box and with 270 pieces which means the creative possibilities are endless.

It also comes with an Inspiration Booklet which shows pictures of a crane with a lifting mechanism, a car, little alien character and more.

Typically Zachary insisted we start on the most complicated one, the crane.

It was a little bit of a challenge to build it as you have to work off a picture guide but with a bit of teamwork, we did it and the kids were delighted with the end result. It wasn't long before modifications were being made and they were pimping the crane before rebuilding it into completely different creations.

This is exactly what I love about this set, it is brilliant to see the kids picking up the tools, assembling and reassembling their constructions and then running about the house playing with them and proudly showing off what they have made. 

Our Verdict

The BRIO Builder Deluxe Set is sure to delight and inspires kids to get creative, it is fantastic for helping develop fine motor skills as they use the four tools included to screw, hammer and assemble their creations. The set makes for family fun as everyone works together on a project, but it is also ideal for independent play which keeps kids entertained for hours, making, remaking and adapting their builds. 

I love the fact that it comes with it's own storage box so you can keep everything all in one place and tidy up is easy. The BRIO quality shines through with all pieces included made of strong durable materials sure to withstand the roughest of play and last for years to come. 

Where to Buy

The BRIO Builder Deluxe Set is available to purchase from the usual toy retailers and online from BRIO and Amazon with an RRP of £85. This set gets a massive thumbs up from us.

*Disclaimer: I received the BRIO Builder Deluxe Set for review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased. 

Monday, 30 April 2018

Meet the Rubik's Junior Puzzle Animals & Giveaway

We have been putting some very cute Rubik's Junior puzzles to the test recently and the kids have been very willing little reviewers. These fun, logic puzzles aimed at kids aged 3 years+ are ideal for popping in your bag, providing portable entertainment anywhere and everywhere you go, think dentist/doctor's waiting room, restaurant, car journey or on board a flight.

There are four different animals to choose from, a puppy, a bunny, a kitten and a bear, so something for everyone. Personally, I love the designs which instantly appeal to children, the creators have definitely given each animal piles of personality with their adorable faces, especially the bunny with his little nose and whiskers. The puzzles are a very clever twist on the traditional Rubik's cube we have come to know and love and a perfect challenge for little people.

Twist and Turn for Rubik's Junior Fun

Twist and turn the Rubik's animals to create a wacky mixed-up character, then keep twisting until you "solve" the puzzle and turn it back into its original state. A new kind of challenge for the youngest Rubik's fans. The Rubik's pets might look easy but there is without a doubt some logical thinking required to get the body shapes back the right way up.

If your kids like challenges then you can add some extra fun with the Rubik's Junior Race to see who can get the puzzle done first or time them to see who is the quickest. We do like some healthy competition in this family.

My super imaginative kiddies have been having lots of fun just playing with the cute characters too, they have assigned special powers to each one of them and race about the house playing games. There is no end to the fun to be had with Rubik's Junior animals. The Puppy was the perfect toy to keep Zachary entertained during his recent visit to the dentist, he's grown very attached to his portable puzzle pal.

Where to Buy

Rubik's Junior animals are available to buy instore from the usual toy retailers including Argos,  Sainsbury's and online from Amazon with an RRP of £9.99 each. They get a big thumbs up from us, educational, engaging and fun in more ways than one.


The good news is I have not one but two Rubik's Junior animals up for grabs (1 Rubik's Junior puzzle per winner). Entry is easy, just follow the Rafflecopter instructions below. Giveaway closes on 14th May at 12am. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, 27 April 2018

Revving It Up with Hello Kitty Kruisers on Nintendo Switch

Hello Kitty has revved up and zoomed her way into our living room in the form of Hello Kitty Kruisers on the Nintendo Switch which is published by Rising Star Games.

The game was released digitally via Nintendo eShop yesterday (26th April) priced at £24.99 and is now available from physical retailers across Europe and beyond from today (27th April) for £29.99. Hello Kitty fans who purchase the UK English-language physical version of Hello Kitty Kruisers are in for an added treat with one of six adorable official Sanrio iron-on badges inside.

Ready to Race with Hello Kitty Kruisers

My first impression of this games is how fantastically fun and colourful it is with cute characters racing about in their imaginative world. The kids couldn't wait to get playing, first customising their characters and choosing their vehicles.

There are 10 characters in total in the game with 6 available to choose from immediately and 4 waiting to be unlocked. There are four Tours, with each Tour having 4 courses allowing you to race on land, over water and even through the air. You can race in single-player or with up to three friends, and unlock new outfits and vehicles for your favourite characters. You can even challenge your racing skills in the super-exciting Adventure mode.

Our Verdict

My 8-year-old son and his friend were first to play, choosing Keroppi and Badtz-Maru as their characters and heading straight for Cosmic Way Fly-By where they raced through a rainbow coloured track in their brightly coloured planes. 

We are really enjoying playing Hello Kitty Kruisers, the kids got the hang of the game really quickly and were off the marks racing about the tracks pretty much straight away. They all said that the game reminds them of Mario Kart with items such as cupcakes being flung at them, and others such as traffic cones being dropped along the way, in addition to speed boosts. Zoey was super excited that she could play as Hello Kitty, and the boys were equally pleased with the other Sanrio character options. 

This is definitely a fun-for-all-the-family type game, the controls are easy to get the hang of (even for me), the varied courses over land, sea and air keep it engaging and interesting and we love the challenge of trying to unlock new outfits and vehicles. Hello Kitty Kruisers gets a big thumbs up from us. 

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

High-5 for My Birthday Twins

Last Thursday the Twinkies turned 5, yes 5! How quickly has that gone by? It seems like yesterday we were in the doctor's office listening to not one, but two little heartbeats and watching them wriggle about on the ultrasound screen and now, here we are with our crazy blond-haired-blue-eyed duo who may be small in stature but are very much larger than life, leaving an impression everywhere they go.

Birthday Morning

They very cutely started their birthday with high-5's for being 5 before rushing downstairs to rip open presents and have special birthday waffles topped with birthday candles and sprinkles for breakfast. Excitement overload was definitely the order of the day.

Party Time

The celebrations went on well into the weekend with the Twins first proper birthday party on Saturday. They absolutely loved having all their little classmates and friends there to help them celebrate finally being 5. Both were very specific on what type of birthday cake they wanted. Zoey insisted on a pink strawberry flavoured L.O.L doll cake and Zachary, a green Grossery Gang chocolate cake complete with flies and his favourite Grossery Gang characters on top. They like to challenge me.

I have to admit I was dreading the fondant icing part but it all worked out well and they were delighted with the results.

Five Years in a Flash

The Twins have both come so far in five years from the tiny little preemies they once were. Zachary is my caring, clever, thoughtful little boy who gives the biggest and bestest "golden hugs" and hates tickles while Zoey is my sweet, strong-willed, very bright and bubbly little princess who loves ballet, drawing and making videos (her new favourite thing). Let's hope being five is as fun and fantastically fabulous as they both are.

Zoey - those teeny tiny little fingers

Zachary, so tiny and cute

Happy Birthday Twinkies! I am very proud of you both, my beautiful babies.

Mummy xxx

Monday, 26 March 2018

Easter Eggstravagance - How Many is Too Many?

I went shopping for Easter Eggs this morning and was faced with what seemed like walls of eggs, so many, too many to choose from. Consumers are definitely spoilt for choice these days with all the well-known chocolate brands represented, the artisan egg masterpieces, the novelty shaped chocolate creations, those that come with cups/bowls/plates/cute teddies and of course the many allergy-free varieties. This is what prompted me to google what the average per child is, it is a lot higher than I thought. 

According to this Statista Easter study the average child in the UK consumes 8, yes 8 Easter eggs over just 4 days. Surely I am not the only one surprised/shocked by this fact, am I? I can't imagine my 3 kiddies getting through 24 eggs between them in such a short time.

I would love to know your thoughts on this. How many are you planning on buying your kids or hoping to get?