Monday, 22 May 2017

Despicable Me Mineez are Here!

As most of you are probably aware by now the Minions are back for the summer with Despicable Me 3 coming to the big screen at the end of June so get ready for lots of screams of "banana' from kids everywhere.  Despicable Me Mineez from Flair are the new range of collectible toys based on the hit movies and we have been sent a selection of them to review including a Blind Pack, Micro Key Ring, Drop and Pop Minion and a Collector's Tin.

Our Verdict on the Despicable Me Mineez Range

We loved the surprise element of the Blind Pack (RRP £2.99) and the kids scrambled to get the fun Minion ball container it comes in opened to see who was inside. There are over 75 characters for kids to collect from across 5 different segments with the added excitement factor of rare and limited edition ones to be found also. We got a hilarious Hungry Minion holding his 'Watz fo Lunch?' sign, perfect for my kids who never stop asking for more and more food!

There are twelve fun Micro Key Ring (RRP £4.99) characters to collect which have a super strong big clip which will pretty much attach to any rucksack etc. The Key ring is also blind packed for added surprise. We got a Beehive Minion.

Out of all the toys we were sent the Drop and Pop Minion Bob (RRP £8.99) was definitely the biggest hit and the one with the most entertainment factor guaranteed. You pop you Minions trousers down, twist and drop him and he then bounces off the floor and really high into the air - so high all my efforts to do a video clip of it have failed miserably.

There are three different ones to collect and they are definitely a lot of fun. The only thing I have to mention about this is that the kids need help to pop the Minions trousers down as it is quite tough to do for little hands.

The Collector’s Tin (RRP £14.99) not only looks great but it is perfect for safely storing all the Mineez figures which gets a big "Mummy thumbs up" from me as it means no more wrestling them off Tuco the chihuahua who loves stealing little plastic toys like these Mineez.  It also comes with two exclusive figures to kickstart your collection and then keep them safe.

We got the Tiki Trash Can and Clive Robot inside ours. As you can see there is plenty of room to store loads of Mineez inside the tin.

The Despicable Me Mineez toys are fun and with blind bags priced at £2.99 make great pocket money toys for little fans to collect. Mineez are the perfect holiday toys to bring with you to keep kids entertained too as they are small enough to pop in you bag and bring along anywhere. The range is aimed at ages 5+ years and you can find them online at Flair and in the usual toy retailers including ToysRUs and Smyths Toys

Disney Crossy Road Toys Unboxing and Review

I am really excited to tell you about the very cool range of Disney Crossy Road pixelated Mini Figures and Plush toys. We were lucky enough to receive a special Disney Crossy Road gift box which contained a plush Mickey figure, a Mini Figure 4 Pack and two Mystery Figure Packs.

The Crossy Roads Range

There are 40+ characters to collect from four different groupings including Mickey and friends, Toy Story, Big Hero 6 and The Lion King which means you will have lots of fun hunting for characters to complete your collections. To keep things interesting each character comes with its own rarity status ranging from rare, epic, secret, legendary and limited edition which is identified by a corresponding different colour box which you can see below.

I love the fact that these Disney Crossy Road characters appeal to both kids and grown ups so it makes collecting them fun for all the family.

Our Verdict

Being massive Disney and Crossy Road fans I couldn't wait to get my hands on the Crossy Roads Toys and I definitely wasn't disappointed when I opened the box and revealed what was inside. The Mini Figures are seriously awesome with loads of detail gone into every one and the selection of characters available is really good.

Some of the figures such as Mickey, Donald and Hiro come with stands for displaying.

The plush Mickey figure is not just cute but cool, it's perfect for adults and kids alike (my Disney obsessed husband claimed it as soon as he saw it). I have to say I am impressed at how well the pixelated-ness of Crossy Road characters have been achieved in a plush version, I love the square eyes, nose, Mickey ears and buttons of our plush Mickey.

Unboxing the Disney Crossy Road Gift Box

We have all enjoyed the element of suspense and surprise while opening the Mystery Packs and it's safe to say we love the Disney Crossy Road range and will be collecting more. You can watch our unboxing of the Disney Crossy Road gift box we were sent below.

If you would like to watch some more unboxing videos check out the Moose website.

Where to Buy

The Disney Crossy Road range of toys can be found online at Character-Online and from Tesco, Asda, Toys R Us, Smyths and Argos. Plush Figures have an RRP of £9.99, the Mini Figure 4 Pack RRP of £9.99 and the Mystery Figure Packs RRP of £2.99. 

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Childhood Play with the #TearsintoSmiles Elastoplast Challenge

My three children love being outdoors. At every available opportunity they want to be on their scooters and bikes, zooming about, getting faster and braver on them day by day. Zachary is my little climber and wants to scramble up every tree he sees. Zoey always likes the idea of joining him in his quest to the top but tends to get scared half way up there. Ben, my big boy at 7 years old is a typical "into everything" boy, he loves running off and playing hide and seek, pretending to be a superhero or ninja jumping from heights with his little brother and sister following him everywhere.

It can be quite scary watching the three of them take off from the top of a hill on their scooters, racing to see who will be first to get to me. I have to bite my tongue a lot and resist telling them to slow down or not climb so high as I know it is all part of childhood, they need freedom to test their limits but I would be lying if I didn't admit to wanting to wrap them up in bubble wrap sometimes.

Turning #TearsIntoSmiles

Since becoming a Mummy I have had to find ways to deal with the inevitable cuts and grazes that come hand in hand with outdoors play. Kisses and hugs are always my first port of call with distraction and fun proving to be the key to turn their tears into smiles. This is where the fantastic Frozen and Star Wars Elastoplast plasters have come in very handy and we recently put them to the test when Zoey fell and cut her knee while chasing her brothers. The Frozen Elastoplast plasters proved to be the perfect distraction and when Zoey saw Elsa, Anna and Olaf her tears vanished and excitement at picking what plaster to use made her forget all about the graze.

Big brother kisses and Elastoplast Frozen plasters turning #TearsIntoSmiles

As a result these plasters are now definitely an essential part of my Mummy kit. The kids (and I) love the designs, they are the perfect combination of a fun sticker and practical plaster to soothe away cuts and scrapes. I have always been a big fan of Elastoplast plasters and have even more reason to be so now.

Below you will find a very sweet video which is about sharing plaster stories, parenting strategies and ways to help children feel better after a fall. It is very sweet and guaranteed to make you smile.

*Disclaimer: This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Meet our Peppy Pups Pug

Meet our new Peppy Pups Pug. Cute isn't he? Just look at his big beautiful eyes!

Peppy Pups Pug is a plush puppy dog who is kid powered (yay, no batteries required!) and loves to run, jump and play. His spring action legs, tail and head allow him to playfully bounce along with you when you take him for a walk. He is one very happy looking puppy, super bouncy and waggles about in a fun springy way. He is also very soft and fluffy so perfect for cuddling up to too.

Our Verdict

The twins are really enjoying their new Peppy Pups Pug and he has been the source of much amusement as they zoom about with him, especially as Tuco is usually chasing closely behind trying to join in the fun.

For a plush toy, this little guy definitely has a lot of personality with his sticking out tongue, big eyes and bell and bouncy boingy cartoon like movements.

Where to Buy

Peppy Pups Pug is available from the usual toy retailers and can be found online from Flair with a RRP of £19.99. It is suitable for children aged 2+ years. 

Monday, 8 May 2017

Scooby-Doo Mystery Minis Range Review

We love Scooby-Doo and the new Scooby-Doo Mystery Minis range which we were sent for review have been a massive hit, allowing the kids to create their very own Scooby-Doo adventures.  We were sent a very cool Scooby-Doo Phantom Chase Quad Bike and a Scooby-Doo Mystery Mini 2 Figure Pack containing containing Shaggy and Dracula.

Scooby-Doo Mystery Minis Range

The Scooby-Doo Mystery Minis range is definitely a lot of fun for little Scooby-Doo fans and includes a selection of different types of Monster Catching vehicles including a Monster Trawler, a Monster Catcher and a Monster Motorbike, each one coming complete with a fully articulated 2.5 inch figure. We were sent the Phantom Chase Quad Bike which comes with a Fred figure. Also in the range are various Scooby-doo Mystery Mini 2 figure packs, in each pack you get a member of the Scooby-Doo crew and a baddie such as the Dracula.

Putting the to the Test

Ben and the Twins have been acting out a lot of the Scooby-Doo Mystery adventures which they have seen on TV recently with the help of the Mystery Minis range toys we were sent. They have also expanded their play and enlisted the help of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Batman which has been quite amusing to watch. I love how children's imaginations know no bounds and they play in such creative and fun ways bringing all their favourite good characters together to fight the bad ones.

The Scooby-Doo Mystery Mini range toys are nicely detailed and definitely of a very high quality, robust and strong enough to withstand lots of play. The colours and style of the vehicles are instantly recognisable from TV and the characters are all perfect replicas of the on screen versions we know and love. The great thing with this range is the fact that they can be played with individually if you choose to buy just one toy, or you can build it up and expand your Scooby-Doo collection with additional vehicles or character packs which are all compatible and scaled to work together.

I love the size of the toys as they are perfect for bringing with us places like restaurants, cafes, car trips, the dentists waiting room etc where they are an ideal source of entertainment for the kids but small enough to pop in my bag or the twins to carry about themselves. The Scooby-Doo Phantom Chase Quad Bike has already accompanied us on many days out and Zachary in particular loves bringing it, especially as he was the one to discover that the box on the back of the bike "actually opens" (his words loudly exclaimed to everyone, everywhere we go). He loves the fact that he can hide things in there or use it to catch baddies or even let Shaggy snooze while Fred zooms about. I love toys that have features like this which kids can discover for themselves.

Where to Buy

The Scooby-Doo Mystery Minis Range is available to buy online from Character-Online with Scooby-Doo Myster Mini Character packs priced at £4.99 and the Vehicles and Figure set at £9.99. The Scooby-Doo range from Character-Online also includes larger 5 inch articulated figures, stackable soft toys, goo pod figures, playset and more so worth checking out too if you have a little Scooby-Doo fan. My three have definitely given the Mystery Minis range a big thumbs up.